Being infertile makes me feel empty inside!

Being infertile makes me feel empty inside!

Being infertile makes me feel empty. It makes me wonder what my purpose in life is. I often wonder what growing old childless will be like. It looks so lonely. I would love nothing more than to experience the kind of love that exists between a mother and child. I hope to adopt some day but adoption is for wealthy people.. Infertility is the most painful fact of my life. 😢😭

Being infertile makes me feel empty inside!
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  • henju
    Infertility is just a defect to a body. It seems unlucky and sad at some point. But hey look at the bigger picture. You are not that poor with love. Do you? It's love thats between mom and child. If you have plenty of love you can have whole bunch of children. Adoption is not just a legal term to own a baby. It also means a great love without any boundary. As long as you are successful in delivering your love, you will always have your own child. Open up your heart and throw away rubbish thoughts. Cuz I know you are still blessed with love of mother nature, love of God. Spread it.
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  • Giggletr0n
    All I want to know is, is your marriage legit or just one of those "we talked a lot online so now we are married" things that love sick and desperate people do? I mean you live just short of 9 hours away from each other and in two different states, so it seems a little weird.
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    • Or at least that's what it appears to be like

    • ElizaPam

      We live together with my parents actually. We’ve moved around a bit. Our marriage is wonderful.

    • Well that's brilliant then. Being nosey pays off I guess 😀

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  • nerms123
    I think it’s so strange that so many people who actually want kids really badly are infertile and people who don’t want them keep having accidental kids and stuff. But I think adoption is a wonderful thing. However many people are unwilling to do it.
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    • ElizaPam

      I’ll adopt in my 30’s but I’m not ready yet.

  • Agape93
    I’d trade reproductive abilities with you if I could.

    Maybe you can be a foster parent or save up for adoption?
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    • ElizaPam

      I will probably adopt in my 30s

    • Agape93

      I wish you luck that you find and get a kid you want :)!

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  • Bella9191
    Ok obviously I don’t know the whole situation. Maybe you have had your ovaries removed. I’m not sure.
    But if it is not the case, you do realise a large number of people who are told they can’t have kids or are infertile do have kids, you do know this right,
    It’s just like If you get diagnosed with cancer, and you say to your doctor, I am going to cure and reverse this myself, they laugh and say that won’t be possible. You can’t reverse disease yourself, it is not possible, but guess what a lot of people do!
    Infertility can be reversed. But half the battle in healing is you need to believe something is possible. If you don’t believe in the first place that you can heal your infertility, it won’t happen.
    I really hope you research heavily into holistic approaches to fertility, and alternative theories to modern western medicine for example.
    Because you are right, this is a horrible mindset and way to live. And I would hate to think you live like this when you don’t have to,
    Of course I don’t know everything. But I do know there’s a good chance you don’t fall into that 1 percent just not possible scenarios, chances are you fit into the 99 percent of women who it is possibly to reverse such a diagnosis,
    Goodluck x
  • Crazychickgold
    Adopting from foster care is actually a lot cheaper than u think. Especially if u adopt a child above the age of 8. Please do ur research, there actually are a lot of options. Agencies are the expensive part, going through the foster care system allows u to get to know them too.
  • ummm523
    I really do hope it works out for you. I couldn’t imagine not being able to have kids, in fact I’m paranoid everyday that I won’t be able to have kids ( and I’m not sure why ) but if it doesn’t work out, maybe you could fill that void by doing maternal work. You could volunteer at day cares, or just do any job that involves taking care of someone. I work at a retirement home and I love it because I get to take care of people that need me. That’s just a suggestion but don’t give up!
  • Inneedofusername
    Damn, such a pity that being infertile happens to people who don't want it and those who want it are fertile.
    I'm going to pay a lot of money to become infertile. While some people pay a lot to become fertile.
    If I could I would switch places with you without hesitation.
  • yikeserino
    Adoption would be such a gift like other commenters have said. I do understand the painful idea that you may never be able to carry, though. Just the thought myself breaks my heart. Have you thought of IVF? Would you be a good candidate? That is if you have tried other options first. IVF is becoming more affordable as the days go on.
  • JackSmy
    Not sure what you believe, but I was raised Lutheran Christian, like 'Catholic Lite' without the guilt!
    If you believe anything like this, maybe god made you, the way you are, and with the things you are dealing with, and you have this feeling, because some wonderful orphan child is coming, when you are ready, and will be the most amazing, fulfilling gift, even though you cannot have your own?
  • sejla
    I think if you leave your heart open you will find a way to adopt or help children in some way to nurture your mothering instincts. Just release the worry and see what fills you up instead. If you can't get over the sadness seek medical help through therapy.
  • natasha3012
    Heyy... No way thats not the truth.. Our world has progressed a lot. There are different ways you can have babies now. Why stick to the old traditional getting pregnant when you can adopt, give another baby a wonderful life?
    • Because, apparently, "adoption is for the wealthy".

      Don't get me wrong though. I agree with you. It would be awesome if more people adopted kids. The world would be a better place.

  • UnicornLobotomy
    My aunt made a huge impact on my life. She is very intelligent had a kind heart, she has some masculine ways of thinking that my father lacked, so as a boy this was important for me to try and integrate. She was/is infertile, but her impact that she made on this world in her fields of research and work will have a lasting effect.
  • Saville_Row
    It is really fucked up that good people is infertile while some assholes actually have children and doesn't even take care of them or have them for child support, treating them like a business. I'm sorry you are going through this, but being a woman is so much more than having children.

    Besides, the adoption route is always possible. If you really want it, you'll find the way to make it happen.
  • midohossam1122
    I'm really sorry for this but I think god have a wise thought to makes you like that so don't be sad maybe not having kids protects you from something we didn't know, you know I'm still virgin and really afraid of being sterile... don't be sad you don't know why :)
  • Juxtapose
    Why would you want to contribute to overpopulation?
    • ElizaPam

      Overpopulation is a myth

    • Juxtapose

      Suuure, we're in a planet with finite resources but let's reproduce endlessly! Nothing could go wrong.. just look at China and India! Totally not crowded hellholes at allll.

    • flowers70

      Are u kidding me? overpopulation is not a myth. too many dumb dumbs and people on welfare shitting out kids they can't afford. Also, too many kids with vegetative disease that parents are in denial of draining our resources

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  • midnight_1443
    Adoption through an agency is expensive, but it can be cheap through the government, especially if you foster. Often, fostering can get you $1k per month, though, you'll likely spend more than that on the kid.
  • UnderHisEye
    There are millions of kids in the foster system. Go adopt and stop being a stuck up whinny bitch. Love is unconditional. If you want a child go adopt and stop complaining.
    • Juxtapose

      There are always conditions to love.

  • quadjo
    Hmmmm it's reality thing dear but trust me I have seen people give birth and regretted for having a child. What if you get only one child then you loose it again forever, how would you feel? Compare to how you are feeling right now. Be happy for your life joy will soon come.
  • Piteka5
    I'm so sorry to hear that. Try go find something in life you can focus on that will leave a mark. There are more ways out there. And you can adopt in the future, your finances might improve.

    When in doubt focus on better yourself, at least its productive
  • megaman242
    In what way are you infertile? You make eggs but they don't stick? Or your eggs don't work? You can take your eggs and put it in someone else. Then it's your kid. And I bet there are other ways to. Like DNA infusion in a neutral egg and so on. Also there are millions of babies and kids that don't have parents, and you can adopt some.
  • chucknova
    Children are from God, ever had time praying about it? Be strong and believe you will have children and surely u will, give pain and infertility thoughts the room and it depresses u
    • This just in science says otherwise!

    • Agreed Relax n go find 1 there everywhere

    • Get off your ass n go be Sweet to Someone n it might get reciprocated never k ow but w your thinking bro u got no chance

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  • JohnAlaska43
    You can adopt or foster children.
    Dont rush it save up and plan for ot in the future.
  • be_tooysie
    you got to be sure what you want to do if you like kids and are patient that is a plus it will be easier to deal with them yes being a parent is great but make sure you really want it its a tough decision just know that nobody can think what you think give what you give and say what you feel !
  • Nadim171
    There is other things to do in life aside from sex. You're still young and have time. You won't have children which means you can focus on having a full time career and be successful! The world is already overpopulated, there is other things that you can do. And there is many sterile men who can't have children you can still get a partner!
  • Amanda269
    The greatest mothers love a community where each person is loved like her own child. Join and help communities like scoots, larp, food clubs, soup kitchens.
  • Tomsta
    You do know there are other ways of having children other than natural birth. There are surrogates, adoption, test tube baby

    Are you're eggs fine because if so you can always go surrogacy; you won't bear the child but it will still be yours
  • terrancemac34
    Science and technology is powerful, just because you can't right produce right now, doesn't mean it can't happen in the future, good luck on your journey.
  • I’m ashamed that I feel the opposite. I’m terrified to have kids. Afraid I can’t do it or I’ll hate them or never have time to do anything
    • Kids are a ton of work but they're the best thing in my life. Don't worry too much. If you have kids, your mom instincts will kick in.

  • AshleyMadison00
    You never know honey but you can detox your body eat healthier or adopt theirs lots of kids who needs a mom or guidance be open minded to anything and everything.
  • Moonchild714
    I understand what you are going through. Only difference is I never wanted kids, but when I was 22 and the doctors told me I will never carry a child to term that if I get pregnant I will miscarry. I was angry and upset, I felt less of woman. Now I never have a choice if I were to change my mind. The choice was taken away from me due to a drug they gave my mother for morning sickness while pregnant with me. You don't need a lot of money to Adopt Foster Children, something to think about when you and your husband are ready.
  • Lauren-green
    Adoption is the greatest gift in the world anyone could have ❤️
    • ElizaPam

      I would love to adopt but it’s difficult. Hopefully someday I will qualify.

    • One day you will ❤️

  • Liam_Hayden
    If you want children you can foster. Adoption from there is often possible, and costs relatively little, usually a couple of thousand dollars.
  • Vallius86
    My wife had a son before we met but she can't get pregnant now. How is it fair she got this with someone who doesn't even care but not me?
  • sissyDj
    Been infertile for 35 yeard doesn't mean you can't be a step mom and love them as if they where your own
  • Gedaria
    yes, I can feel for you.. Its one thing choosing not to have children ,. But when that choice is taken away that is hard...
  • Eternal_Blizzard
    Plant trees adopt a million babies.
    Or simply adopt one baby if you want to shower your motherly love.
  • namelessyoungold
    Adoption. But, given the fact that you think that's the only purpose and you haven't considered adoption... Stay alone. For everyone's sake.
    • ElizaPam

      I have and do consider adoption but I’m not qualified for it and I’m not sure if I ever will be. You don’t gotta be rude.

    • That's what I said. You're not qualified. Therefore, stop bragging.

  • CoffeeWC
    Look on the bright side. You can have sex without worrying about unwanted pregnancy.
  • BlackMex
    You can always adopt a child. If I can’t have children when I’m older I’d be glad to adopt
  • legalboxers
    I feel your pain. I want to be a father, but its not in my cards
  • incelposting
    Sounds pretty entitled to me tbh.
    • ElizaPam

      Lol says the loser who can’t even get sex.

    • Says the loser who can't even have children

    • ElizaPam

      You can't either since no girl wants your incel ass.

  • LowSelfSteem
    @ElizaPam How come your infertile?
    • ElizaPam

      I don’t have ovaries

    • @ElizaPam You still have a penis and testicles so you could insert your seed into someone elses womb

    • ElizaPam

      I never wanted to do that I wouldn’t be able to let another woman be my child’s real mother and settle for being the father and besides I don’t make sperm because of the hormones I take.

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  • SydneySentinel
    I'm sorry. I don't have the right words to say. ❤
  • Arrivals_209
    Your Thinking is way off just saying hard truth
    • ElizaPam

      You’re not the infertile woman.

  • straightshooger
    I’m so sorry. :(
    You’ll just have to adopt
    • But don’t let this give you prolong distraction from that love that you hold so dearly

  • MrHonestW_ABigD
    There’s always IVF
  • Aphrodite801
    Then go adopt since you are so lonely
  • flowers70
    Just adopt , it's not that serious
  • Spitfire808
    Yeah that's about right