Things I Want To Change about Myself

Number 1: Less Insecurity- There is nothing more annoying than a girl who is always insecure asking How Do I Look? Am I fat?etc. I want to stop being this way because not only do I annoy myself i annoy others as well and i will not be able to maintain a stable relationship if i stay like this. Guys will just be annoyed. I also want to stop thinking that all that matters is being pretty I want to be able to accept that I'm not and never will be, and just leave that whole beauty thing behind and be happy.

Things I Want To Change about Myself

Number 2: More Responsibility- It's pretty obvious that I'm not responsible I can't drive, I never have had a job, and I procasinate. I want to get better because i am failing two of my classes even though i just started college and I need a high gpa. I am worried and I want to move further in life.

Things I Want To Change about Myself

Number 3:More Friends- I am a super shy girl with no friends I want to make friends because I have become very sad due to the fact that I am very alone. MY mother is always talking about how I have no friends that makes me feel bad too. This used to not hurt me but now it's starting to hurt me and I just want to feel happy and to be sure that I won't be lonely in life.

Things I Want To Change about Myself

Number 4: Stop Talking Back To Parents- I have a hot tempered mom who is constantly throwing insults at me she often gets me so mad and before i even think i end up saying something rude back to her i don't call her a bitch nothing like that but i can be rude to both my parents despite my supposedly kind and timid nature and I hate that about me I kind of feel like a bad person.

Things I Want To Change about Myself
Things I Want To Change about Myself
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  • I can relate. Self love podcast can help a lot and guided meditations. A tip I have for responsibility is to say “I get to do this English paper” as opposed to saying “I have to do this English paper.” A simple mindset shift is powerful. Also in regards to looks I would say that looks truly aren’t everything. Most of my friends are gorgeous and I live in a place where there is a high emphasis on looks and honestly many of the girls I know are depressed. You might not be able to tell at the party/club because they are all glammed up and looking like the life of the party yet they go home and cry about body dysmorphia and not being good enough. If you feel insecure about your looks why not do something to change it? Fillers are always an option as is surgery if it’s something that needs major correction. Makeup and hair can help a lot if you can educate yourself on flattering styles for your face. Dressing well is also important. I also don’t get amazing grades but I was a lot happier as soon as I stopped putting such an intense emphasis on getting amazing grades. It drove me crazy and made me depressed. Now I just try and do the best that I can and if it’s not an A then that’s fine. For making friends why don’t you start small and engage in small talk with a classmate?

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    • I already have naturally big lips

    • I also dress nice or try to and put on makeup everyday

    • My problem is loneliness if people approached me more i wouldn’t have such low self esteem but since people don’t even seem to notice me and i have no friends that hurts my self esteem

  • thrillseeker19

    Myself to be more open embrace life more

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  • Gizimo

    With number 1, dont worry about your looks. There is always people out there that believe you are beautiful. Personally to me, the "pretty" girl that is popular and the "ugly" girl that sits alone look no different to me. Chest size doesn't matter, height doesn't matter, your facial features dont matter. Your special in every way. Also, maintain a healthy body weight that suits YOU, not someone elses expectations. I'm not saying that you should get fat but that your health comes before this so called "beauty" that has been socially constructed.

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  • xwh068

    I'm just going to give at like 5 thumbs up 👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏

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  • Ceasar97

    This was a great post and I can relate to it in several ways. The biggest one for me is to make friends; I am anti-social and so don't talk much to people IRL. While being anti-social is my biggest problem right now, it is far from the only thing I need to focus on. Be brave and I really hope you are able to make the changes you want.

  • Honkler

    Yeah imagine that, lower your unrealistic expectations and stop pretending you’re flawless, and that others can have flaws

  • Teahappy

    I relate to number 1

  • Gottabsavagee

    Great ones!

  • ThaGreatone

    BE more social

  • Osborne775

    good luck i know you can do it

  • CissiWinLwin

    I relate...

  • lovelyboy85

    big boobs can make help