4 Things Confident Women Should NEVER Do

4 Things Confident Women Should NEVER Do

Hello everyone! This is just a take on a topic that I personally struggle with. I'm currently working on my confidence and self esteem so these are some things I have reflected on and find very toxic and halting to your progress and your confidence. Of course this can also apply to men but I'm writing this from a more personal perspective.

1. Gossip

4 Things Confident Women Should NEVER Do

Now this is something I really struggle with(I'm working on it through). Now occasionally gossip is fine within limits of course, for example with harmless topics that don't involve other people. However when you constantly gossip and talk crap about other people, especially other women, it really shows weak character and insecurity. No confident and content person ever has a reason to constantly talk about other people. I understand it can also be fun sometimes but it's not worth it! It's okay to think critically and maybe point out the mistakes in other people's choices but there's no need to talk about it all the time, judge others for things they can't control or if it's highly subjective thing then no need to judge it as if it's a fact.

2. Make fun of other women

This one really grinds my gears! I will admit, I sometimes make fun of other people in private and think it's funny. But it's usually something within their control (clothing, hairstyle choices etc). Still a bad and very toxic thing to do!

The very bad type though is when you're constantly making fun of other girls especially to their face. I see girls at my university doing this and thinking they're better than the other girls just because they dress nicer or put on cuter makeup. But what's the point? If you're happy with how you look and what you do, why even look at others in such a judgmental way and try and dictate how they should look? Just because it's your way doesn't mean it's the only way, doesn't mean it's the right way.

3. Project her insecurities

This might be a tough one because sometimes we don't even realize it. However on other occasions it's pretty obvious and you can think before you speak. For example recently I was talking to an acquaintance of mine from uni about my fitness goals for the next year or so and I was joking but also seriously addressing how I've been binging lately. She made fun of me and said I'm going to gain weight and be fat like I used to. She also is very jealous of the fact that many people know who I am because of my academic achievements and often tells me I'd be a nobody if it weren't for them. While I understand she is insecure about being skinny or unpopular, this is something very much within her control to not say.

I sometimes find myself jealous of someone else's nose or so and feel like making a little comment then I hold myself back and say 'is it really worth it? This is just pure projection. It will just show how petty and insecure I am and I'd rather not be like that' and I keep my mouth shut. It's very important to realize your own toxic ways and stop yourself from making such mistakes.

4. Try to control other women

4 Things Confident Women Should NEVER Do

Constantly telling your female friends how they should act or dress or put on makeup or date and so on is a very toxic thing to do! You can give reasonable advice, sure, but be careful about trying to constantly be in control of other women's choices. Accept other women for who they are and shower them with positivity and respect.

I hope you enjoyed this short mytake. Remember ladies, being confident means being strong, resilient, accepting, nurturing and content with who you are at your core 100%. When you surround yourself with other like-minded confident women, you feel empowered and filled with a lot of positive energy.

Hope this also helps other women out there!

4 Things Confident Women Should NEVER Do
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  • alligatorblues
    What you speak of is called, "low class." High class people discuss ideas. Medium class people discuss things. Low class people talk about other people behind their backs. And everyone who criticizes others behind their backs can be sure that everyone willing to listen is doing the same to you behind your back.

    There's a biblical maxim that says, "Treat others the way you want to be treated!" That's what I do. If I'm tempted to do something bad, I ask myself, "Would I like it if someone did that to me?" Then I know what to do.

    Confidence is when you're not concerned with petty drivel, because you're at peace with who you are! That can only from knowing who you are, which for a female can only come from a man's love that puts the woman's need for security and commitment above his own base drive, elevating her personhood above his passion, and making a true equal of her, because he loves her more than he loves himself!
    Is this still revelant?
    • Bravo! Bravo.

    • What if you are so multifarious and adaptable that when you serve a code like the Code of Bushido that you do much better providing their needs because you are a complete person like I am?

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  • doeadeer123
    love this. i entirely agree. this girl who i thought was my friend since we were just 11, she's been spreading rumors about me and calling my family poor behind my back. i got mad and we aren't friends anymore. everything you said is sooo true.
    • Oh that's awful! I'm glad you've moved on from her. That's an awful thing of anyone to do, I've experienced this a lot as well. But eventually as we mature and grow up to become women we shouldn't tolerate people like that and we should cut them out of our lives completely.

    • oh, it was soooo bad. and i agree wholeheartedly. tbh i'm not that mature now (lol) but hopefully will grow out of my immaturity. :)

  • crazy8000
    2. You shouldn't make fun of anyone no matter gender or age 😉

    4. You shouldn't try to control anyone no matter gender.
    • Of course! I was just writing this from my perspective and from things I've dealt with/things I'm trying to work on. But this applies to both genders of course

    • crazy8000

      Are you after to get more confidence or is it selfasteam?
      I'm asking because many mix those up.

    • crazy8000

      I can give you something that will make you grow if you really adapt it and believe it on deeper levels of your countios.

      People will judge others no matter what.
      They/them/him/her doesn't know better!

      Just stop caring about others business.

      Don't be afraid of doing something wrong.

      Don't try to fitt in.

      Stop seeking validation from other's.
      Validate yourself with some thing's.
      Stop seeking attention from other's.
      Stop taking thing's personal.
      Stop trying to have image that isn't really you.

      People have enough with their own life and issues.

  • andrermm
    Those are 4 things confident woman already don't do.
  • weasley8
    You know, I saw the title and automatically thought that this was going to be some judgmental stuff about how women should dress and behave, especially around men. But I clicked on it anyway hoping that I would be wrong, and I was pleasantly surprised. I actually agree with this. This made me happy. Thank you!
  • Platypuss
    (For everyone in general) Never, Disregard the possibility that they can be wrong. Rather prepare before hand if they are wrong what should they do.
    This will make you more confident in your win but this will put doubt to your judgement.
    You have to trade. But it is a positive feedback loop that will keep you always prepared.
  • Unit1
    That's a start for sure! Keep going!

    I even know a couple real world examples where some females talk trash about other women. This shows more about their character than the women they trash talk about. I stay away from them.
  • fantommaximus
    You can just say.. Love each other, friends and comrades! We need to remember. That this love is the main thing in this world. Love in every person makes a person a person, but do not forget that you have the right to hate a Being who is hiding in a person infected with these creatures. Or to hate the creature that rules any person, turning him into a real vile creature that is completely unable, to love ...
  • likelyOK
    The one I disagree with is women making fun of other women to their face I'd rather some have the balls to say to my face then behind my back, I can't respect a woman or man who would do it behind my back
  • LittleSquid
    Writing this you really seem like a strong confident women. Love this list, cause though that is basic etiquette everyone kind of knows, many people don't see a point in not doing these things
  • AshleyMariaWinter
    Point 4 describes one of my best friends personalities.

    She's usually just trying to make sure you look and act your best though, and she's really caring.
  • loveslongnails
    That's great advice for anybody, not just women. Sadly though, it shouldn't need to be given as advice, should it?
  • CoollLady21
    It was great but what happen if a person had a bad experience with some mean girls. I am just wondering since I had bad experience. nothing do with other good women.
  • lolilola
    True.. when I see my friends girls getting angry especially when its uncalled for... suddenly I start to notice flaws in their face that I didn't before.
  • differentman
    Like the article. This is what men see from a great woman.
  • KrakenAttackin
    Confident women (and men) do not need lists of what "confident" people should never do.
  • Sofiascorpio95
    Agreed. Only weak people tear people down.
  • Gedaria
    True but that attitude goes for everyone...
  • admles
  • those 4 things aren't part of a confident woman
  • Nawaf75
    Yah that right!
  • Anonymous
    what's sign have a confident woman?
  • Anonymous
    I have never met a truly confident female. Just little girls who pretend and think a lack of class and morals equals “confidence” but secretly they have all the hang ups and traits as all other females.
    Need constant praise and attention. They need else-less social campaigns to tell them lies so they don’t get eating disorders and depression.
  • Anonymous
    Bravo, except for one thing. Why only other women? A confident person (maybe classy is a better word) doesn't feel the need to make fun of or control anyone, male or female.
    • You're right, it applies to men as well. But I was writing this from a more personal perspective so thought I'd direct it to other women.

    • Anonymous

      I understand