Confessions of a Ladies Man: My Female Best Friend is Sleeping With an Ex She Dumped Because He "Manned Up".

Confessions of a Ladies Man: My Female Best Friend is Sleeping With an Ex She Dumped Because He Manned Up.

My best friend is a female the same age as me. We met in college.

She dumped her ex boyfriend and told me all about it. It was a process of about a year where she was tired of paying his bills and the rent and food while he was unemployed and lazy. He was only interested in demanding sex from her.

I spent a year hearing how angry she was about him. Sexually she always described him as an exotic Latin American man. But beyond sex she hated his guts. She felt used.

Then she went into the dating market and saw losers who didn't know how to talk to women or date them.

Even though her ex was a loser she was familiar with his imperfection. She missed him and missed the sex.

This past weekend he drove 4 hours back to her city to visit her. My best friend says that he had told her about how he got a new job that pays well. He was dating a new girl. Things were finally stable in his life. HE WAS NO LONGER HOMELESS.

This loser of a man got his shit together. He credit her for the change.

My best friend was living the fantasy that every woman actually change a badboy loser boyfriend into a polished Prince.

When he stopped by they had passionate sex. I stopped by to see her 2 night ago and she was perky. She had nothing but positive things to say about him. Her thoughts of him drastically changed.

Guys... When your girlfriend dumps you because you lost your job or because she thinks she can do better...remember..clean up your shit. Improve your life. Work on yourself. Most guys out there in the dating market are idiots who dont know what they are doing. It is hard for women to find a quality guy out there. They want the guy they already know to fix what was wrong with them and re-attract. You have the power to get your ex girlfriend back. Aaaand because of previous sex and loving attachment? You have the upper hand!

Confessions of a Ladies Man: My Female Best Friend is Sleeping With an Ex She Dumped Because He "Manned Up".
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  • Anonymous
    On the last part you’re dead wrong. That’s terrible advice for most guys.

    For her this was all about trade-offs. The bad boy she feels strong sexual chemistry with but who wasn’t sensible long-term, vs guys who were more sensible long-term but who she didn’t feel strong sexual chemistry with.

    By far the majority of time women leave men who lose their jobs it’s because the thing that was keeping her their was his beta provision. If the sexual chemistry is there she’ll stay and wait for him to get back on his feet as long as it doesn’t take too long. In fact that’s the only reason she stayed with him despite him not having a job.

    For the guys I mentioned above the worst thing they could do is take that girl back or pay her any mind.
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    • razelove

      I was going to write something similar, but more... god he's a dumbass, stick with the girl who likes him for him, not situationally. Also fucking exes is a bad idea unless you're the one degrading and humiliating them, like they come to you just to get rug burn on their face with a kibble consolation, not you drive to them to cheat on your girlfriend. What a tool.

    • Anonymous


      Yeah driving 4 hours to get your ex back is simp shit.

  • AdithyaR
    So he's already dating another girl and he still slept with her.
    Yeah he he's changed for the worse, all that getting his life together doesn't mean anything if he's cheating. In my opinion he's still the same, if not worse.
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    • AdithyaR

      Also, if my girlfriend dumps me cause I lost a job, sure I'll work on myself to improve myself, but not for her. And I won't take her back when things get better. Relationships should be about supporting your partner through hard times, I won't let someone enter my life when it's convenient and leave when it's not. They can stay out altogether.

      Now in your friends case, sure she was right breaking up the first time cause he refused to contribute.

Most Helpful Girls

  • hi_it_is_me123
    Lol. I am sorry but would you pay for a golddiggers who does nothing rather than giving sex just because she is hot/good in bed? This looser was not even a houseman. So he did not stay at home and care for the householdchores. Like why would you date such bastard? So the question is very irritating. At first i thought the question is about a nice/good and NOT lazy guy who was left just because he is was not "manly" enough So i dont understand the deal here. Every sane person leave such a person
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  • Gwenhwyfar
    You get criticized a lot and sometimes this strategy doesn’t work, but overall you’re not wrong
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    • Apope16

      This is an observation. I kind of am pissed at my best friend for fucking her ex because he actually has a girlfriend right now. But she doesn't care. She gets to use him now. He drove 4 hours across borders to sleep with her.

    • Gwenhwyfar

      Hope she teased tf out of him

    • Apope16

      She did. Then had crazy sex.

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  • OlderAndWiser
    Reuniting with an ex is almost always a mistake. If she left him because he was unemployed, then she went back to him because he has a job, then she will probably leave him if he loses his current job. If he is just looking for a girl to fuck for awhile, this might be successful. But it doesn't sound like an ideal relationship if he is looking for LTR.
  • HiveBee
    That's a pretty extreme example. How many homeless guys can get a girlfriend? Lol. It's not really relatable to most people in my opinion. Just because a guys girl broke up with him, doesn't mean he was a bum or a piece of shit. As if the only reason a girl leaves a guy is because he's a loser.
  • chapawapa
    I don't know I would say a new man who learned this lesson from another ex.. I couldn't get back with another ex and they often fall back into those habits or worse. Anyway. Good look with ur fren
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    What happened to the his new girlfriend?
    Why is she making him cheat, why t he fuck is he cheating
    • I wouldn't consider a date a partner unless both agree they're in a relationship, which therefore would no longer be dating.

  • Thedivinechic
    Are you saying you're cheating on your girlfriend because she dumped you?
  • psychoticanimaIIover
    Ah. You’re in love with her. Okay.
  • Juxtapose
    If they dump me once, there are no second chances.
  • 张梦媛ooo
    I don't agree
  • Catwalks
    Well I disagree
  • Anonymous
    The thing is, no sane man WANTS his ex back.
  • Anonymous
    Sounds like you're ultrafriendzoned man
  • Anonymous
    Yeah, but how do I fix her?
    She's still bossy, messy and unreliable.
  • Anonymous
    She sounds like a winner
    • Apope16

      She tried dating locally but couldnt really get attractive guys... so girls who can't get new men go back to exes. Maybe that is a sign of value?

    • Anonymous

      sounds like she is hypergamous

    • yofuknutz

      They all are hyper gaming it's just your turn at the pussy wheel bro

  • Anonymous
    I with fresh meat not used it's time for a upgrade