High-rise pants are "fat girl pants". A hot take from someone who's plus sized but not outright fat.


I just wanted to share my opinion / things I've observed.

One of the biggest signs that you're fat is when you start wearing high-rise pants because low rise pants start to look worse and worse on you due to your belly fat.

I know a lot of fat people who would love to wear low-rise pants/skirts but they simply can't without getting a muffin top. Fat people don't wear high rise pants/shirts most of the time because of it's looks, they wear it because their excess fat would just spill out of of their pants/skirts if it wasn't wresting on their waist.

How does it look when a fit person wears low rise pants?

The pants are firmly hugging the body with no problem.
The pants are firmly hugging the body with no problem.

And how does it look when a fat person wears high rise pants?

Having to hide the excess belly fat behind the pants
Having to hide the excess belly fat behind the pants

Now, do you think the high rise pants would work with a fit person? Absolutely, there aren't any difficulties there.
But do you think that low rise pants would work with fat people? Not really, their belly fat would just spill all over it.

So yeah in my opinion/observation high-rise pants are typical "fat girl clothes".
If you are over average weight and you start wearing high-rise pants, that is pretty much just an admission of "Yes, I am fat." and it is painfully obvious. So personally I'm not touching high-rise pants with a 10 feet long pole.
And don't even get me started on one piece swimsuits, that is also so often "fat girl clothes" because fat people prefer to have some fabric hold/flatten their belly....

And that is the end of my take. What was the moral of the story/ the teachings of this post/ etc.? Dunno, I just wanted to share my opinion on pants since clearly the universe was in a dire need of this information.

High-rise pants are "fat girl pants". A hot take from someone who's plus sized but not outright fat.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • littlelady1234
    Truth be told that may be true im not gonna lie but at the end of the day I think people should wear whatever makes them happy. I personally have been insecure of wearing certain clothing just because i dont have the "ideal body" but you know what i noticed? That Im happier wearing the outfit I want even if I dont have an ideal body but at least i feel somewhat prettier. So most people may not agree with it but thats ok thats why everyone has their own takes. But I realized life is too short to not allow yourself to be happy. You only regret the things you didn't do at least thats my take on it.
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  • MemeSupreme
    just wear what you wanna wear and do whatever makes you happy. i get wym but i've never seen them as "fat girl pants" when i wear high waisted jeans and im really skinny lol
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Most Helpful Guys

  • chris94187
    High rise, low rise... skinny, fat. All kinds of things are all kinds of ways. Why the hell does it effect you at all? Let alone enough to put it on a site so it can effect other people's lives. Next time you see a "fat" girl in public wearing her "fat, high rise pants", say this to her. She might while your "skinny low ass" right out of your "skinny low rise jeans." And weather or not she decides to or not you definitely deserve it.

    P. S. I'm 6'2" tall and weigh less than 150 lbs. Mind your business, and mind your manners.
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  • andreasderjuengere
    Steel reinforced belts and extra large buckles could do the trickHigh-rise pants are "fat girl pants". A hot take from someone who's plus sized but not outright fat.
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    • If it wasn't for her head and shoes facing the camera i would ha e thought that was her ass.

    • Perhaps she wrapped some of her stuff around herself :D

    • Yikes!!!

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  • MsShy87
    I disagree. I am not "fat", however I have tendency to wear high-rise pants. This is only because my belly area is my insecure body part. I'm skinny but have tiger stripes of motherhood aka stretch marks, therefore I'm not fond of low-rise pants that are likely to show my self-proclaimed ugly belly off. People can dress however makes them feel happy. If someone's confident wearing high rise or low rise jeans, regardless of whether they are fat or skinny, then that's all that matters.
  • Yaaten
    The "muffin top" is only ever an issue with people who wear clothes that are too tight, because they're in denial about their true size (ex. that girl in the second photo). She wouldn't look so fat if she had simply chosen the right size, if only she had looked in the mirror before leaving the house.
    This may be a strange question to ask, but why do so many females these days like to show off their belly-buttons anyway? I just don't understand it.
  • I think personally if your comfortable in your own skin then go for it be the confident person you are & don't worry what others think 😎
  • Noelle444
    1.: I like that last sentence
    2.: I'm a bit sad I spent time reading this :D
  • Spade07
    High rise on skinny girl > low rise on skinny girl
  • najekim
    The wife is a BBW and wears pants like in the second picture all the time. Wear what you're comfortable in and treat all the haters as losers.
  • Radio4men
    Look it’s simple biology we become what we eat no one who works out and eat watermelons becomes fat. Small choices will lead to bigger choices
  • KibblesBits
    Thank god, somebody gets it.
  • H4des
    I love a bit of muffin top.
  • GothQueen12
    Thank you for sharing
  • Anonymous
    what about for men? You want to do a take on that?
    • chris94187

      I think that when I was a kid all the most beautiful, successful models in the world were competing to be in a guess or jordache commercial in a pair of jeans that went clear up to their tits. It didn't change the person in them. Cindy Crawford is Cindy Crawford regardless of what variety of trouser she was wearing.