Being chubby but not fat.


i hated being called thick awhile ago and i accosted that with being fat i didn't care but i didn't appreciate people noticing my weight than to get to know me.... now when i hug someone they tell me its like hugging a toothpick. Which upsets me, even more, so..... this person has issues with their body but it somehow is right for them to say that to me? i look at them and see the person who they are....

i just feel like people can't accept my body while i accept theirs.
my boyfriend says i have a squishy belly playfully and says im not fat... and i know i shouldn't worry about this but ever since i was young i had these giant cheeks that people made fun of me. i accept myself but i keep hearing people say rude things like being skinnier is bad and then they say they hate their weight........ i'm me and i love myself so leave me alone. i just want to be appreciated for me. i still have squish.. im not overweight and i never tried to change my weight..... dont let anyone try to change you! also unless you have health issues or at risk (underweight with headaches and other health issues ext)(overweight with diabetes ext) you should reconsider eating habits.
BE YOU and love yourself.

Being chubby but not fat.
Being chubby but not fat.
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  • Darcia
    All and all you can’t worry about what people think about your figure. Because of course it is your figure. People can have judgement and opinions but that doesn’t justify how you look or how you express yourself. I say just ignore them and allow them to voice their opinions. You can have yours and well as they have theirs
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  • Browneye57
    You've given over power over yourself and your own emotions to others. Consider just not doing that. Do what you do for YOU.
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  • Kaazsz
    Instagram is not reality. People are so worried about things that don’t exist in real life. Skinny girls calling themselves fat because of the fact that their stomach doesn’t have a six pack abs. That shit isn’t real life and nobody is looking for an Instagram model to date.
  • Most men aren't picky about size - they probably have at least a 6-8 size difference before they gain or lose interest in you because of your size and you don't want a guy who dates you for your looks cause good looks are near impossible to maintain when you reach the later years of your life - keep fit and healthy as best you can but don't date a guy who likes you for your looks
    • Piteka5

      This is quite true, most guys are totally fine with an average girl, girls are way more picky, but that's by evolutions design, they have to carry the baby, they have to be more careful while choosing

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Good work on the weight loss.
    So, you golf left-handed?
    What's your handicap?
  • tiny81
    Why are you getting angry your not fat. I used to be the fat kid at school trust me it's not pleasant i copped physical assault and shit being held down and people did the homer Simpson look at that flabber fly as they slapped my stomach the worst thing was I actually played 3 sports at once. RUGBY league cricket and ten pin bowling. I just couldn't lose the weight I now weight 80kgs. I learnt to ignore them. They only say shit cause either jealousy, they have shit lives and this makes em feel better. Well I ignored all but one then they never did it again. the best thing to do is just laugh with them or ignore them.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take