The Truth About Body Positive Movements and the Real Reason Why Guys Don't Like Fat Girls

Ever wondered why guys don't like fat girls? Many of you think that the reason of this "injustice" towards fat girls is solely because of their body being bigger than average, but in fact it's much more complex.

I think most guys don't really care whether they put their dick into a chubby hole or a skinny one, in fact sex with fat girls might be even more pleasurable than with fit chicks. But there's a little problem with that additional weight.

The main determiner of your "league" and beauty is your face. Being fat means that your face is also likely to be fat, though some people store less fat in their faces than others. Those girls who are plus-size models are a good example of this:

Truth about body positive movement. Real reason why guys don't like fat girls.

Most guys would pound this chick despite her being seriously overweight. But girls with an ability to store less fat in their face constitute like 2-3% of all girls. Most fat girls look like this:

The Truth About Body Positive Movements and the Real Reason Why Guys Don't Like Fat Girls

You can see she has a potential but being fat ruins it all.

This is also the reason why lots of guys like rail thin girls with no boobs or ass. This kind of figure is not really liked by guys but low fat percentage makes their faces look cute/hot.

So the conclusion is simple — body positive movement will never make fat girls attractive because their faces are ruined by fat. Those girls who are fat but have attractive faces already have a lot of attention from the opposite sex and don't need this movement at all. Unless ugly positive movement takes over the world you don't really stand a chance to get a decent guy unless he's a fat fetishist. I don't really think you want to be objectified because of your weight. Yeah, it's a harsh truth, but you'd better know this from me than suffer from loneliness and depression because you can't figure out why guys don't like you. Looks do matter and nothing can change that.

That's all. :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • This is much more shallow than I expected it to be. Personally I don't like people who try to justify obesity because they're unhealthy, shortening their lives, and not trying to get healthy. I don't want to be in a relationship with someone who is going to die of diabetes and a heart attack at 50

    • All people are shallow.

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    • Fat people comfort eat. When you shame them, they only eat more to comfort themselves. Fat shaming doesn't work. You don't have to accept people for being fat, but you don't have to shame them either. Neither one is going to help them lose weight

    • I would like to add that, as a fat girl, not obese, I work out, I don't comfort eat, I've tried diets, I eat healthy all the time, and I never go to fast food restaurants but I cannot lose the extra weight. Not all fat people are fat because of their lifestyle, just as a result of genetics or other such factors.

Most Helpful Guy

  • That's actually true. I've seen chubby girls with not much fat on their face (the type of girl you'd think is skinny if you just saw her face), and I've been attracted to her. Sure, her body isn't the best, but she still has a pretty face. Face matters much more than body, and most guys are willing to overlook a fat body if she doesn't have a fat face.
    But yeah, finding a fat girl without a fat face is very difficult.


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What Girls Said 1

  • But... contrary to popular belief, some guys actually DO like fat women.

    • They won't date them because they still don't like their faces. They only like them for their bodies.

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  • i like my women with about 5.62% body fat, but id settle for 5.69%


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