The curse of being beautiful


I was blessed with beauty from the moment I was born and what I learned about it; is that I would get many haters of all types-left and right, up, down and all around. It didn't matter if I was the extremely kind girl that I am; I would always get hate on and hurt by even close friends and family members. The price of beauty is a very difficult one. Females will just not like me simple because I'm beautiful and I had to learn this the hard way, it's tough being beautiful and Latina at the same time, many females hate on Latinas so imagine being a very beautiful one. I had to suffer greatly because of it and it's the reason I'm in therapy today

The curse of being beautiful
The curse of being beautiful
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  • sage2021
    My sister always used to say that jealousy is a hate. I think that is true in your case. Also guys might be very intimidated by your beauty and think you are too beautiful to be with them. I hope you are able to find your way by going to therapy. The best to you.🌹
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  • msc545
    I'm sure you get a lot of hostility from women because of the way you look. You also probably get a lot of unwanted attention from men for the same reason. I can see why these things might be disturbing.
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  • loveslongnails
    Would you rather be hideous, or average? I understand your story, but I think the worst part is people assuming you're a bimbo because you're beautiful. Whatever the difficulties, be glad there aren't worse problems in your life than bearing the curse of being a beautiful Latina !! Hope the therapy helps. I know I personally wouldn't be intimidated by your beauty, but would want to know how smart and kind you actually are first. :) Best of fortune to you!
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  • Cozzy81
    If you're gorgeous you're a slut, if you're gorgeous and save yourself you're a prude, if you're gorgeous your a fucking psycho. It's so sad the biases everyone gets when they can still be good people. If these things didn't exist what else would weak minded and pathetic people have to bitch about. I can promise you most of the time if you're a truly good person no matter how hot or gross you look there will always be someone to hate you or say things to try and make them feel above you. People who think or say mean things or hate people for any reason are weak minded and have a lot of their own baggage and that comes out when they act that way.
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  • DanielBlack1904120
    you are very confident who you are, obviously & that's one of the most important things a person needs. The fact that you said that you know your a kind person is your answer. Someone who is not kind knows it. Those who are kind know it but... people who aren't kind want everyone to be as miserable as them & seem to always be surrounded by " friends" while nice people are usually not. In your case it's even worse because your a woman which is already hard anywaybbut your beautiful & a kind person. I can imagine every haggard ass bitch in your entire life despised you cause they wanted what you got. They should be in therapy & you should remember your a Latina. We're a proud people. Most girls hate Latinas because most men & alotta ladies desire Latinas. fact. keep your head up. Don't let anyone take away your kindness, because that's rare these days. Just do you & if therapy is working than stick with it. if it's not you may be half Irish like me 😆
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    • Thanks so much this made me cry ❤️❤️❤️

    • you don't have to thank me at all. I am a kind person too. I will always try to help a person who needs it if I can ESPECIALLY nyone reaching out for help on this app cause that right there tells me your surrounded by shitty people who won't help you or you wouldn't be seeking help here. I think everyone should have a proper support system so i try...

  • Cubus
    I believe it's very hard. People judge you only based on your looks and not on your personality. I'm really sad it caused you therapy.
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  • Yourfriend2021
    Try to be happy that you are. I understand what you said, but I would love to look at you everyday :)
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  • Jamie05rhs
    Life is rough (I guess?)
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  • Cringe
    I'm ugly, not Jewish and suicidal
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    • I'm FAR from ugly, not Jewish or Suicidal, I believe you're loser ass troll and I'm not dealing with this site full of hater ass trolls like you and that other dipshit Goodbye

  • Joker_
    You're Jewish
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  • Anonymous
    Latinas are hot to me.
    Thank you.
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  • Anonymous
    I haven't had that with family members, they always been supportive but it has made me a target by men.

    Had a few friends hate on me for it, but I hope things work out better for you.
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