Being interesting, being more selfish


They say you can't love anyone before you...but they dont often say this...

Interest is correlated to selfishness

Selfish isn't bad it isn't good

Its just a tactic to reach an end

The end is what is good or bad. If it hurts someone ok, maybe its bad

But 100% of the time selfish doesn't hurt anyone

Because life is a game that means you are playing a game with rules. You are a sportsman

You dont target the balls. You dont break bones. You dont pull out weapons

When you shoot eachother it is with paintballs

It keeps it competitive and somewhat scary without actually being serious

So what im saying is be selfish. It doesn't hurt anyone.

Note to self:

Everything should be about ME.

Being interesting, being more selfish
Being interesting, being more selfish
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  • rtj1211

    Two selfish people competing in a partnership can work.

    Some people just aren't born selfish, they are born generous.

    They get hurt dating competitive, selfish people.

    They should look for a more generous, kindly partner instead.

  • Light909090

    I’ve never loved myself
    I’ve Always cared about myself more than anybody else. My Health my Safety comes First before anybody else. And if it came down to it I would choose to save myself even if it meant My entire family would die.

  • justFriend

    Its just a tactic to reach an end.. i liked


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