A female co-worker is giving me mixed signals. What the Hell is going on?

One night a few months ago I get a text out of the blue from a co-worker that had been flirty with me at work for weeks. The text asked me to go with her and some of her friends for box seats at a pro game. I accepted.

I picked her up at work, we had a good time, and we had a really cute picture that posted to Facebook that some other co-workers also noticed. When I dropped her off at her car, she said she had a great time and let' do it again.

After that, I gave it some time and prodded her interest in going out again. I asked her out 3 times over the course of the next 2 months, being careful each time to make it clear I'd like to see her again but yet not to make a co-worker uncomfy. Each time was rejected because she had plans. However, she never offered a day she would be available, which I know is not good.

I know she has had dates over the course of this time. She doesn't share those stories with me (anymore) but she does tell another female co-worker and since no one at any job can keep a secret that's how I know she was going on bad dates. Despite her rejections, unavailability (for me), and the fact that she's going on unsuccessful dates when she's close to 30, she sends me IM's at work and constantly comes to my cubicle to talk to me. I rarely go to her to talk at her cubicle but it's almost like we ARE dating based on the conversations we have: Travel, our common lifestyles, food, past relationships, wants in future relationships, etc.

She recently started texting me. It's not often, but is increasing in frequency and seemingly right before she goes to bed. She'll send meme's that are cute and appropriate to our cubicle flirting and we usually laugh and discuss them the next day.

I know she wants me to chase, but does she want to be caught by me? Is she ONLY using me to boost her ego? I've been rejected by other women and when they say no they don't keep flirting. In fact they completely ignore me so what's up with this girl?
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Forgot to mention: We constantly cook each other food at work, usually stuff we like personally and want the other to try.
A female co-worker is giving me mixed signals. What the Hell is going on?
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