My internet girlfriend broke up with me.

Is a question about internet relationship OK?

I met this girl 4 months ago we were pretty into each other. We would talk everyday, each of us becoming sleep deprived, y'know how it is. I'm in Canada she's in West coast USA. I was supposed to see her 1-2 months ago, she bought me a plane ticket but the American borders rejected me over something stupid. We rescheduled for this Christmas.

So since then she is at university, and she is very busy. I started to feel her less interested in me as time goes by. Maybe because I never had a girlfriend before, and I don't have friends so I don't make her feel "special" by choosing her. Anyway she loves sex but promised to not have sex while with me but a few days ago she had sex with a semi-random person and she told me today, along with me being an ideal guy, she just doesn't feel the spark anymore and she doesn't want me to come visit her on Christmas anymore. So I'm pretty devastated because she valued random physical need sex more than my long love with her. Is she OR me OR we not made for relationships? We are both 19 and never had a relationship, she has like 20 friends but I have none. I liked her because she wasn't seeking to p*ss people off, ever, she has strong goals for her future, she's really positive-thinking, hard-working and a chubby. She keeps saying I am perfect but I am convinced the reason she left me is because I have no friends, and don't have much other than looks going for myself.

I've been screaming and crying since yesterday, and I have no friends, so any kind of advice from you guys (or girls, I don't know how the website works ha ha) would be cool. Although she expressed her lack of desire in me and her having sex with a random dude, should I hope she will somehow become OK with me visiting her on Christmas? She still gets online on MSN, and I'm happy for that because I can't get away from her.

I don't know what to do without her. Is she really unique and the best and the only girl that could make me feel happy? It seems that I can't possibly love someone else, no matter how smart, how beautiful, how giving, how funny, how wise she could be. She's like the ideal person, and her rejecting me means that I will never be fulfilled on the romantic side. It really hurts because she doesn't seem to care even though we had future plans for each other.
My internet girlfriend broke up with me.
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