Am I snob, narcissistic, stuck up, full of myself, sadity, etc?

So I am a 20yr old female and i think im extremelyyyyyy hot, beautiful, gorgeous, etc. Like i walk a certain way, as if i own the place, straight posture, nose to the sky, head held high, chest out, hips swaying, i dress reallly fancy, and everyone thinks im always "over dressed", but i feel like you can NEVER be OVER dressed, but thats just me, i have to look good EVERYWHERE I GO. i won't do certain things because i guess you can say that i think im too good, my vocab is up to par. i do have many friends and a boyfriend, i can say i have about 3-4 friends, but i consider them family, and all of them even strangers consider me a snob, stuck up, prima donna etc. the list goes on, i just want the finer things in life. it takes me about a good 2 hours to get ready, i'm literally always in the mirror, like a mirror is my BFF, a mirror isn't even bigger than my ego. everytime i pass by one its a must that i stop and look at myself. i can honestly walk into any public place and feel negative energy from girls that dont even know me, most of these females i dont even know ENVY ME and want to be me (even my own "bff"). i can TOTALLY say that, when it comes to me, i can honestly see NO competition with ANYONE. i won't talk to certain people because of the way they dress and act. like if someone thats not on my level talks to me i say things like "why are you talking to me?" or just completely ignore them. on a daily basis i say things like "who's hotter than me?, none of you females have shit on me, im always on my shit, get out of my face, you're not on my level and never will be, im that b*tch" etc, i also flip my hair a lot, my hair is always done. i won't argue with ANYONE thats not on MY level. I think EVERY highly of myself. i take selfies/full body pictures of myself EVERYDAY to remind everyone who that b*tch is and so they can hate (: like if i can get paid for taking pictures of myself id be a BILLIONAIRE ! i literally get compliments everywhere i go and i loveee it.
Am I snob, narcissistic, stuck up, full of myself, sadity, etc?
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