Tired of the bar scene, what to do?

Thanks in advance for your help..

I'm 31 now, the pattern of my life has consisted of 1-2 of relationship followed by 6-12 months of generally self destructive behavior and casual sex for as long as I can remember..

I consider myself about a 6.5/10 on the looks scale and a 10/10 on the intelligence/personality scale (probably one out of 1000).. I literally get paid to talk and can talk with the best of them.. I work a professional job, have no kids, and financially stable, etc.. etc.. Not an asshole, I know how to treat a female, probably a decent catch all around..

Years ago learned the "bar scene".. got good at it. Learned to dress down, act like an asshole, and how to pickup girls. Very good at it, actually it's hard for me to go out without bringing some random girl home sometimes.. got really great in bed from the practice as well, which helps keep my "friends" around..

Yep it's great bragging rights, my guy friends admire me.. even recently got a good 2-3 weeks out of this ridiculously hot stripper who was probably a 9.9/10 on the looks scale and was just way way too much fun to spend time with.. she even bought me drinks, it was great..

Typically I'm sleeping with 2-4 female "friends" at any give time.. don't even need to do anything except for answer the phone when I'm in the mood and hit ignore when I'm busy or just not.. and I'm so f***ing SICK of it.

These girls I meet you couldn't even get a hold of unless they wanted to drink and party.. some admit they just don't "date".. most are INSANE..

I'd love to meet someone I DIDN'T need to sleep with..

Anyway so I suck at sitting around on a Friday night. Certainly am not going to turn into some angel watching movies alone... certainly will not be happy hanging out with drunk guy friends who got a night off from their wives or girlfriends..

But it's obvious the people I meet out at bars are just the wrong people for me now.. What do the decent single females do on a Friday night? Should I just keep doing what I'm doing until someone decent comes along.. Or maybe try online dating?.. Or the grass just always greener on the other side?


Tired of the bar scene, what to do?
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