Im a tease? What does that mean?

What does it mean to be a tease? My guy friend told me i was a tease.

We study together a lot. Weve gotten pretty close over the years and i hadn't really seen him as more than a friend until recently. Weve hung out a few times. I was nervous and when i felt he was getting too attatched id push him away. Id make excuses to not hang out. But when we're together, we always have fun. We sit really close, where our arms are touching. We make dirty jokes with eachother. I tease him and vice versa. He tells me im cute and smart and all that stuff.

So one night i brought him to meet my friends and they all loved him. And they kept asking if there was something going on between us. That night i realized that i do like him.

The next time we hung out we were studying and i sat with him and we kept touching. I dressed girlier than usual that day. I was nicer. And he told me i was a tease. I asked him why and he just laughed and wouldn't tell me. I said i can't be a tease if i dont know what im doing. (He knows im a virgin and I've never been with a guy)

Is being a tease bad? Is it sexual? Innocent?
Im a tease? What does that mean?
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