Do women let some men get away with more (SEE DESCRIPTION FIRST) and treat them differently?

1. Would some guys get fast sex and others an innocent persona. Do women mirror a guy who is charming/gentleman?

2. Would some men be able to talk dirtier/more degrading in bed, e. g. "Suck my c**k you slut!", "Beg you slut!", or have rougher sex (doggy), pull hair and have her take c*mshots on her face etc?

3. Given this description, what about the following situation?
THE GIRL = sweet and cute type of girl. Generally innocent in public. Has a lot of fun with people she knows. Outgoing, pretty, very nice. One ex boyfriend, se Asian heritage grown up in uk. 1 ex boyfriend.

All guys meet her when she has a boyfriend, and she is now SINGLE.

Meets Guy 1 at uni. They naturally hit it off. She really loves the way he speaks. He impresses her with his fun attitude to life and he's just different. So nice in a real way (genuine) and someone who is sweet as well as being charming and confident. She keeps in touch after graduation. Flirty, but didn't overtly hit on her during the boyfriend period. Unsure how to tell his attraction since he mostly complimented her character versus looks. Both admire each other. Sweet text rapport, remember things about her. Attractive (works out and handsome) gentle man who is subtle and suave. She poses with just him arm wrapped on waist/back, as well as in groups. She kept in touch (meet up and texts) having emigrated and now moved back.

Meets Guy 2 at an after work dance class. In your face and brash person. Objectifies women a lot e. g. posts pictures of him and the girls in the social circle on fb and labels it "likeaboss, with hotties". She has posed in group photos with him too and clicked like. Can be fun, but no bond. Lots of group text chats and blunt texts/fb chats if at all. She poses with him arm on shoulder as well as pouting in groups of girls at group meets. Makes physical compliments to her and every girl all the time. Lived for 2 years in his country, just left, no sex to him.

* Dirtier sex, different behaviour or let one treat her differently?
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4. What about things like the lady moaning "I'm a dirty slut!" in bed?

5. How she'd pose in photos and with whom?

I once again state, please READ THE DESCRIPTION. The question is broken down into bullet/numbered points and I am asking about these specific points and the example in the description.

If you wish to help, discuss, then please feel free to opine by relating to the points in the actual question, not parroting generic material from somewhere else please! Thanks.
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6. If a guy or one of the guys in point 3 said to a girl (or the girl in point 3), "Nice, but all I can think of is my dick in your mouth", is he more likely to be given sex or is a sweet, respectful and attractive guy more likely to?

7. Would a sweet innocent, but still fun girl be more likely to be sexual with a great attractive guy friend, or a brash social circle guy and if so where, at the backroom of a party, or at her place?

8. How does guy 1 make a move/get sex and still be friends?
Do women let some men get away with more (SEE DESCRIPTION FIRST) and treat them differently?
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