Why do men do this???

Guy 1: would make signs of interest for a whole year and not approach me. He would stare all the time, work out near me and walk by me all the time (even if there was a shorter way to get to his spot). He did all the stuff for about a year and never did or said anything. I never gave him any signs back. So if he knew I wasn't interested why would he keep showing interest? Is it JUST sex thing? Or he sees me as relationship material? What goes through his mind? Can a guy tell what kind of girl she is? (body language, eyes,walk,etc)

Also I never made signs because I thought he was too hot for me. Why would he ever be interested? He kind of reminded me of cam


No, I did not go to the gym in some slut outfit. Sweats and a tshirt and no makeup

Guy 2: he was my friend for about 3 years. Never seen him as more, loved his personality, but wasn't attracted to him. He was my go to guy for all the guy advice. He would always give me advice. Also he Would always ask me out, but I always denied. I finally agreed to give him a chance and then he changed his mind. He said I only see you as a friend/sister. But then later said he was always joking around. The thing is he wid always talk about me to my best friend. When they hooked up, he kept asking about me. What kind of guys I liked, and just everything about me. Why did he change his mind when I gave him a chance?

Why do guys always act interested (they truly are interested), but never make the actual moves?

If a guy meets a girl, and she is a "wife type" (cute, nice, sweet, all around good girl) would a guy ever let her go because he thinks she deserves better or maybe doesn't feel like she's good enough. Do any guys have "the one that slipped away"

I been told a lot of guys look at me and smile, but I rarely notice it...

Not many guys have approached me

It's usually strangers(older men and woman) customers, friends or family that tell me that I'm beautiful. I don't see it though

Also after I deny a guy they pretend like they never tried getting with me, when it's clear they did. What's up with that?
Why do men do this???
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