Why do I seem to only attract broken women?

Long story short, I only seem to attract women who have been through some sh-t. Bullied, emotionally/verbally abused, sh-tty father, r-ped, lied/cheated on, used, etc. Every single girl I've dated or was talking with (like 5-6, I'm only 20) so far has been like this, some worse than others. I don't know what it is about me that attracts them. I'm not that great looking of a guy (bug I am quite big) and I'm not the best at dealing with people, very introverted. However they still like me anyways. This wouldn't be a problem if it didn't cause ME to be much more stressed out and have to constantly be that shoulder to cry on. I don't enjoy hearing the stories or having to talk them out of harming themselves, and I have ended up being used and burned by every one of them, making me now have trust issues.

The only answers I've gotten from some of the girls themselves were that I just "seemed like a kind guy" or "somebody to learn from", but that doesn't really answer it for me. I feel like there has to be a deeper reason. There has to be something I am or that I do that makes me such a beacon. I also didn't know any of these girls had such issuses until weeks into dating/talking with them.

I'm sorry if this seems very hostile of a post. At this point I'm begging that I can just find an average, normal girl and not have to constantly be trying to make someone like themselves. Thank you for the answers.
Why do I seem to only attract broken women?
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