She CURVED me right?

So a girl at work i got a crush on i swore she liked me, because she was always telling me "i look so good all the time" but she needed help with something im good at so she got my number. I helped her out and tried starting a convo, but got no reply. She will talk to me in person and say and do flirty stuff give me back massages, then she made a comment asking me if im doing anything to invite her out. So i take that as another SIGN and were texting, she text me back but before i can get that reply to ask her what she's doing i get no response. So like a SIMP i waited for a reply and nothing.

Days later i see her at work cause i started to avoid her and she comes in my area just to talk to me like nothing happen. So this time i try getting at her in person and all she says with a bright red face blushing & smiling "Whatever (My Name)" So now i just avoid her completely and treat her lije a ghost but now she gives me that WTF look so if you can tell me im CURVED so i can move on. Cause im tired of my friends saying it's "The Hard To Get Game"
She CURVED me right?
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