Why is it seen as bad for women to be supported by men these days?

I don't get some women theses days they can't make their mind up they either see it as empowering to take advantage of men and take all their money by getting suger daddys or a complete 1/80 of just refusing to have any support from the men in their lifes at all.

I do get a little shunned upon at times by people as my boyfriend is a little older than me and he supports and cares for me a lot but i do just the same for him to. He will help me with certain things like banking and other important life skills basically teaching me how to support myself. he's been there and done it and he just wants the best for me but some see it as him being controlling or me having daddy issues.

I pay for most my things myself and work my arse off but that doesn't mean i should feel ashamed of asking for a man's help once a while. I wouldn't call myself independent at all and i don't see anything wrong in sometimes relying on others to help me out id do just the same for them. But i feel a lot of women are shame for not doing everything by themselves.

Relationships should be a team effort and partners should support and help each other out. Whats the point in a relationship if you want to do everything alone and be fully independent relationships are about taking care of each other in my eyes but your either seen as a push over for supporting your man or weak if your man supports you sometimes.
Why is it seen as bad for women to be supported by men these days?
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