Guy looks at me A LOT but never talks to me..

There's this guy at my school and he always looks at me. Like, I'll be sitting there doing something, and when I look up he's staring at me. When he talks to his friends he glances at me while he's talking (me, his friends, me his friends, etc.). I know he's not talking to me since I can hear what he says. Other times were during practice and performances (both in band). When I was telling the lesser people in my section about a part (he sat right behind them) he would stare at me. When he would play he'd look at me, his music, then the teacher. It's not with a mean face either. It's kind of like a soft sort of look.

I know I don't look at him much since I don't like him and my friends notice this too. His good friend used to stare at me last year but he ended up just wanting to use me for...yeah.

And when I try to talk to him, he cuts the conversation short or just nods and looks down, so I kind of stopped talking to him altogether. Why does he always stare? I don't think he likes me but my friends insist that he does. :T
Guy looks at me A LOT but never talks to me..
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