Guys, Male coworker called me milady but we never talk at work?

My male coworker called me milady but not in a mean way. Example: He said "These are for you, milady" and placed some boxes on my table for me." He and I never talk to each other, our cars are parked next to each other every time. We have noticed each other from across the warehouse, but we pretty much look away. He talks to other employees but he and I have never had a conversation. I'm too shy/introverted to do talk or make eye contact for too long. I think he and I are around the same age.

Recently he helped me for the first time after we had clocked out:

I was in the parking lot about to head to my car when I noticed a stray buggy blocking the way. His car is parked next to mine, and the buggy corral is on the other side of his car. So, as I was making my way to push it toward the corral, I saw him smiling and approaching me to take the cart from me. I said thanks to him and he said nothing. I thought that was really nice of him, and he took it to put it away. He didn't say anything more and I got in my car. He drove out of the parking lot before I had the chance to.

Anyway, think there is a chance he might like me? Just thought it was weird he would go out of his way to help me with something so small after work hours... The Milady bit was unusual and a first time a guy had called me that.

No idea, what are your thoughts? Should I just ignore him and carry on with my life?

Guys, Male coworker called me milady but we never talk at work?
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