Is this a case of right girl, wrong time?

I've been friends with this girl Michelle for a couple of years now. We go to the same church, have the same group of friends, both big football fans, etc. I often feel sexual tension between us, but I feel like we can't get on the same page. We flirt with each other constantly and usually end up hanging out together at the end of events. Before Coronavirus shut everything down, she started to get angry with me over little things. I'd try to talk things out with her, but no luck. She'd just get happy with me again on her own terms.

Eventually, I thought I was moving too slow and decided to ask her out. She said no and didn't talk to me for 5 months. One day, I got a text from my friend Kevin saying that Michelle was apart of this bible class on Zoom. Even though he knew she was ignoring me, he thought it would be good for me to join and connect with people from church during the pandemic. So, I joined the class next session. As soon as I got on the call, I noticed Michelle put her head down. She didn't look up until it was time to pray at the end. When she looked up, she looked upset. I continued to join the class weekly, but she never came back. I didn't know asking her out would hurt her feelings.

A couple of weeks ago, one of our church friends James got sick and was in the hospital. Kevin and I came up with the idea of sending James a virtual get well video. I reached out to everyone and compiled the video to send to James. When I reached out to Michelle, she didn't text me back for a whole day. This is unlike her. She's a fast texter. But when she did reply, she was eager to send a video. She told me she loved the idea and thanks for leading out.

Is there hope for us in the future or was she just being nice for the moment? I can't get Michelle off my mind. I really miss the chemistry we had pre-pandemic and before she started getting angry. I want to talk to her more, but I'm afraid I'll just be pushing her even further away. What should I do?
Is this a case of right girl, wrong time?
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