Can bruh girls/tomboys be also sensitive and emotional?

you know Im just posting this cause my friends are debating whether I'm a bruh girl or a hiii girl...(which is pretty stupid that they are taking the labels that seriously but whatever) They are stuck because Im emotional and really nice... but I have a tomboy laid back attitude, and I do nothing feminine. I am shy and quiet and emotional and I don't insult anyone (for fear that they will take it personally) But I do parkour, skateboarding, gaming, I don't know how to brush my hair, I don't wear makeup ever (it hurts my skin), idgaf about gender at all, and I don't do stereotypical girly things. But I am not one to bash someone for being feminine, and I am introspective and would talk about someones feelings for hours and hours. Apparently my friends think that

masculine people cannot be friendly and can't be emotional? like get that crap outta here... So because I like gaming, it automatically means that I'm an insensitive prick, yeah okay?
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Can bruh girls/tomboys be also sensitive and emotional?
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