Dealing with an overly flirty neighbor?

I have this new neighbor that I've noticed has taken an interest in my boyfriend. Whenever he goes outside, she always goes outside too and makes sure to draw attention to herself in some way. She will stay bent over, pretending to do yard work while glancing back at him. She will seriously position herself on the ground in doggystyle position, raising her butt up in the air. If he's not looking at her she will make a point to loudly say hi to him. If I come outside she goes back in her house. She doesn't ever say hi or anything to me. Before this started I had said hi to her once when we were both outside taking out the trash. She just stared at the ground the whole time and walked away. Recently she was seemed to be getting more desperate by wearing sports bras and short shorts whenever she's outside. The final straw is when she pulled her slutty behavior with wearing a sports bra and sheer white shorts and purposely flashed her whole backside while bent over, while one of my children was outside with my boyfriend. She went back in her house after that incident because I came outside. I was ready to go over there and tear her a new one because I'm fed up with her slutty behavior and now she took it too far with exposing my child to that crap. She has been hiding in her house since. I don't like drama but I feel like I need to confront her next time I see her because her behavior is unacceptable. What would you do in this situation?
1 y
I'm going to guess somewhere around mid to late 30s.
Dealing with an overly flirty neighbor?
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