This girl I crush on is having serious boyfriend issues. Can anyone review my story and tell me what it means?

To explain, I'll start at the very beginning (Don't worry, it's not like I know her for years).

So I'm in my final year at college and in the final year two groups are made one big one. And she was in the other group that got mixed with my group.
Note: We've talked before for a small amount when we did internships together at the local hospital. I already thought she was amazing from the get go, but didn't quite develope anything 'more' since we've just met.
I'm a loner and have practically no friends in the entire big group. When she arrived in my group, she looked at me when I was smoking on the far side of the group; alone. She immediately waved and made signs that I should move closer to her. (she didn't know my group never liked me).

Few days went by and she suddenly started to text me on messenger. She noticed I had some issues and asked what's up. She was very nice to me and I opened up my lifestory, wich is an abusive one (getting abused by my father) and that I'm still in therapy for that. She immidiately told her lifestory, a very similar one. From that point on, it started to grow between us.
I started to find out if she had a boyfriend. She indeed did. But I really like this girl and I never got distant.

Then suddenly she starts to complain about her boyfriend; like COMPLAIN. He's doing harddrugs, abuses her emotionally and is just harassing her at this point. I didn't want to tell her what to do, because it's not my place to do so, so I told her I'd be there for her if she ever needs a friend. But she keeps telling me stuff about him... Throwing drug-parties in HER appartment and when he's angry at her, he'll abuse her while she's in bed so she wouldn't catch any sleep.

Now, I'm in love with this girl. She clearly likes me, she told me. But I'm not sure if she LIKES me and I'm stuck with myself... My ignorance is killing me. Should I expect her to love me or not? And if she is or isn't, what on earth am I supposed to do? I'm losing my mind!
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Also, should I tell her about the way I really feel about her?
This girl I crush on is having serious boyfriend issues. Can anyone review my story and tell me what it means?
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