This girl has a crush on my boyfriend?

How should I react to this girl liking my boyfriend? She texts him everyday, (they are in the same band) they practice their music at least once a week, and he said she shows up in his room randomly (they both live close together on campus-college). I know for sure he doesn't like her because he's not attracted to her body type, (out of a conversation completely unrelated to that) but it still bothers me that he hangs out with her. She asked him to go dancing (two steping) with her and he said yes, then asked me to teach him two stepping. She found out im his girlfriend and called it off so they didn't go (she didn't want to be known as a home wrecker) but she still hangs out with him. Also, she rode with us in his car looked me up and down and said "is she going with US?" Like they were a thing (this was before she knew he was with me)
But still he doesn't see how uncomfortable for me it is for him to hang out with her. I dont think he knows she likes him. How should I handle it?
Just let it be. Trust him and try not to let it bother you.
Tell him it bugs you.
Work on your jealousy. This is a problem with you not him.
Other. (Comment below)
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This girl has a crush on my boyfriend?
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