Why is my female friend possesive over me?

I have this female friend whom i know for 4+ years we recently gotten closer and got a chance to know each other flaws and things we are good at. About 5 or 6 months ago until now. I notice this odd behavior. Any time i say something nice about another woman or how they would seem like a cool person to hang out with she become upset and or jealous. Saying that she feel like i'm replacing her or she feel as if i'm being distant even though i'm not being distant.

She also stated that I didn't make her feel special. Or when she see that i'm still going to go and talk to them she tries to find negative things about them to make me not like them. But it doesn't work so she become angry and or have an attitude with the other woman.

She refers to them as "your friend". She told me straight up that she should be the only woman in my life. She even told another woman who i'm cool with and that i met through her, that we are going to be in each other life forever while hugging me.

I admit i started flirting with her and cuddling with her just because. But i didn't think she woulf become possesive over me. Other women noticed before i did. I don't do that to her. I might offer advice about men she talk to. She never seem to talk to them long. Some how end up right back with me getting upset because i don't tell her about my private life or how she think i talk to a lot of women. Lol

I don't know what happened to her. She used to be the kind of woman I would marry but now she turned jealous, possesive and clingy (i don't mind this)

what's wrong with her?

Why she get mad at females she think i like or the ones i just want to be friends with?
Why is my female friend possesive over me?
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