Tugging on your skirt while sitting?

Tugging on your skirt while sitting?
Hello all! just thought I’d run a quick question by everyone here.

I was waiting to pick up my sister’s car from the dealer. Guy sitting across from me was stealing quick glances at my thighs but was being very subtle about it. I had on clingy skirt reaching down to prob my mid thigh but my legs were tightly crossed the whole time. I started to feel a little uncomfortable later on and began tugging on my skirt which I could tell he really liked by the look on his face.

I couldn’t tell if he saw anything but I felt a little stupid. I am usually pretty careful with how I sit. Guess he might’ve just caught me off guard there loll

I later brought this up with by guy friend and he told me guys love it whenever girls tug on their skirts?

I guess my question to the guys here is, do you like watching a girl tug on her skirt?

And to the girls, do you always feel the need to tug on your skirt while sitting?
Tugging on your skirt while sitting?
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