Why do so many women find taken guys more attractive when all else is equal?

Without fail I’ve had several women suddenly become very visible and available when I've been in relationships in the past. I didn’t cheat.

But here is why I think women do this:
  • Taken guy usually doesn’t care what other women think of him. This makes him more himself and he says/does what he wants. Women see this as confidence. He is more of challenge
  • Women see him as being “tested” by other another women and somehow of better of value
  • Women are competitive of what they perceive as the top male (which he may or may not be). Kitty cats compete. They get jealous of other girls.
What this results in:
  • taken guys being more tempted to cheat.
  • single guys being passed up and becoming increasingly more frustrated
  • Paranoia and broken hearts for women who got cheated on
  • Bad reps for females who intentionally go after taken males.

This is bad all the way around for everyone. If if a girl manages to steal another woman’s man... who is to say he will stay with her?

Anyway I see women demanding men to change their behavior all the time in the modern world. But will women ever change this?

I’m personally not at all more attracted to a taken women. If I find out she has a boyfriend/husband I will immediately stop pursuing her. Three times in my life I was hit on by married women but I turned them all down (one was gorgeous too). Adultery is adultery.
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Again this is from my observations. I don’t pursue taken women.

I have hit on women who I did NOT know where taken. Some of them didn’t tell me they had a boyfriend/husband. That’s different.

But I personally think it’s bad karma trying to seduce a girl to cheat.
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This question is inherently “sexist” I admit. Not surprisingly I got some nasty replies about it. But I have no doubt women are generally worse about this then men.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t asshole guys out there who pursue taken women nor is there plenty of decent women who let off they find out a guy is single. But seriously I find women are more competitive over this.
Why do so many women find taken guys more attractive when all else is equal?
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