I really enjoy spending time with this girl, but am I pretty much the hook up buddy?

Long story short, I met this woman at a friend's birthday celebration at a bar. We were very into each other, she came back to my place and we hooked up. The morning after we took a shower together, and I ordered her a uber home and said to text me when she got home. We made plans to meet up next Wednesday, and she came over I cooked her dinner. We got to know each other as were watching a Christmas movie cuddling. I said we should take a walk together and we held hands. She didn't seem to pull away, and she kept bumping her waist/shoulders into me.
She mentioned several things about how she is not good of a texter due to her ADHD, told me about her friends.

After we hooked up at my place, plenty of kissing, cuddling, she said she really liked my hair and massaged me. The sex was amazing, she came many times. We slept together with her cuddling with me, and had morning sex. I sort of got a little too excited and gave her a few hickeys and she texted me, "holy! it's so dark! you're banned from my neck." I replied to her text saying I would make it up next time I saw her, and told her to have a good day. She didn't reply.

She sent me a snap of her hiding her hair and I replied to that and she left it open.
We don't really text or call, although I would like to. We also haven't discussed what this is, although I'm going to bring it up next time I see her. I called her last night at around 9, (she told me she goes to sleep at midnight,) but she didn't pick up the phone.

I'm thinking maybe I'm coming off as very clingy or desperate? I'm thinking I'm pretty much the hook up buddy, because she doesn't open up her weekends, (she's only available Tuesday/Wednesday,) nor does she reach out or text/talk to me. Even though neither do I, but that's because I don't like texting/calling in general. I prefer to meet face to face.

Should I shoot her a text later today and see if she wants to meet up again. I'd love to take her out on an actual date or hang out with her again.
I really enjoy spending time with this girl, but am I pretty much the hook up buddy?
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