I think I've fucked up romantically as well as platonically with a girl, like I have before?

So this isn't the first time I've messed it up with a girl I'm interested, when I was 16 I've been interested in a girl and I scared her away by being too forward, she avoided me like the plague whenever I was nearby. Just today another girl who was one year younger than me at 18f me being 19m. Basically I was on my walk and was talking to her and her group of friends at the park and got to know her and the group a bit more since I see them during the weekend and Friday on my walks, and she was asking if I had a driver's license since she did, and she said she could take me out on a ride once in a while if I wanted, her body language for some reason at the same time was disinterested seeming. She also said do you know you're handsome, and I just said I'm flattered.

We end the conversation as usual while she casually said I love you beforehand, though she asked if I could get the gardening clubs number so she and her friends could join the club and "get to know me better". I move on a keep walking however I come to the 'amazing' conclusion that I need to ask for their numbers, so I can contact them, so as I am coming round to go home I see her and walk up and say "hi I have a question, one of friends stop and let me say it as I ask if I can get their phone numbers" her friend said she doesn't have her phone with her which is fair enough but the girl I was interested in she sped walk away before I could reach her to ask her, her friend said she'll ask her, and she did, but I must have waiter a solid two minutes but yet the girl I was interested in literally kept a huge distance in between. As I walked away to go home, just giving up I turned my head and saw her and her friend just watching me leave from the gap distance. I think I am just a repellant at times. And I even would just like to be friends with her if she is not interested in me in that way, but they probably think I am a weirdo or low-key now.
Yeah you fucked it up, forget her move on.
You creeped her out but you can still say sorry and make amends
She's playing hard to get (in the off chance)
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I think I've fucked up romantically as well as platonically with a girl, like I have before?
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