What does it mean when a girl presses her body against you?

Why would she do this if there was enough space for that? She could've asked to move to the side a little bit (we've known each other for some time)

Is she shy?

There was some space for her to walk around and/or she could've asked me to move around, why would she do that?

Is this a way of getting my attention?

Does she likes me?


I'm at the office were I was talking to someone when this girl comes from behind me and presses her upper body on my back (the first thing that she touched me was with her chest) and it was just trying to get past me instead of asking me to move aside. I know this girl for some months and she has made some strange things before like the following:

She has got so close to me that it almost looked like she wanted me to hug her. (I was busy writing something and she came to me without saying anything) Our bodies were touching, she got in front of me and she didn't seemed to mind at all. She was fully aware that I was there and how she was doing, seemed like she wanted me to hug her from behind.

Another occasion, when she was at the hallway, she walked along with me for a short distance until I stopped (she was singing a song during that time). She seemed like pretended to look for something at the end of the hallway.

Sometimes she looks at me from a distance while other times she rarely listens to my conversations with others.

What does it mean when a girl presses her body against you?
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