What does she want from me?


Myself and a friend began sexting which led to making out and nudes regularly, but as the months went, feelings mutually developed. We never had issues and always had fun together so I asked her on a date.

she's v. guarded; her ex treated her poorly and her best friend betrayed her so I presumed she'd be quite against attachments in fear of getting hurt, but regardless she agreed to date. We started dating and things began to change. There was no more nudes or sexting and instead it was hand holding and cuddling which I was suprised by and she started opening up to me. Our friends found out and she started acting distant with me around them, I started to become needy because I wanted a relationship with her, but she started to feel pressure so pulled further and things became toxic.

We started talking again and eventually had a chat and agreed to forget about those few weeks. She started giving me the vibe she wouldn't let me in again but a few weeks we kissed and she cuddled me. We started hanging out again but she was against kissing or hand holding which I found odd. We eventually had a talk and she said she felt too much pressure, she's not ready for a relationship and doesn't know how she feels and gave the vibe she likes me but not enough. She then said she wanted to hang out and be friends.

She doesn't treat me like a friend, as she doesn't care I'm there in a group and over text she tries act like she doesn't care if I walk out of her life, yet I'm the person she confides in and hangs out the most with. Its not ego because she has lots of male suitors and ignores them. She doesn't want friends with benefits (which is a fact) but wants to come over and watch a movie with me, and doesn't want a relationship yet likes my company and gets nervous around me when we hang out. She won't do eye contact with me, awkwardly touches me, gets annoyed when i do things but wouldn't care if anyone else done them. What is it, because I don't get why I'm treated differently

What does she want from me?
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