Girls, What does she want from me?


I finally met a woman who makes me feel comfortable and had an instant connection with. But from the start, she has said I am not the type of man she wants, although the lines have blurred at times with things she has asked. I didn't want to hear it because I like her so much, but I figured I'd rather have her as a friend than not at all because we get on so well.

Things started slow but grew to where we were talking for hours every day. This is not like me, I don't talk to anyone, but with her it feels natural. even the pauses felt comfortable. I have never got on with anyone like her. I know it's not alpha, but I like the support we give each other.

Our relationship has been purely phone-based for a year because we live apart and neither of us tried to change that until a couple of weeks ago.
The day started great, she text me first, and later she called. It was our best chat yet. 2 hours into the call and I mentioned I was going to be in her town soon, so I suggested we should hang out or get lunch. She reacted badly and we had our first disagreement. She said meeting once would change nothing. The call ended awkwardly. A couple of days later she called me, and I apologised for putting her on the spot, she said I upset her but she upset herself too. I asked if we were OK and she said yes. That call was short but still awkward. We went from talking every day to nothing for 2 weeks which has made me soo down because I felt like I lost my best friend, but yesterday she called me out the blue and was talking like she used to. she sent a couple of texts which had her playfulness back too. The calls were short as I was at work and couldn't talk, but I text her at the end of the day and she didn't respond. I text her again today and she replied with a single word and a smiley emoji

What does she want?
Why react negatively to an innocent invite?
Is the friendship over?
Why start communicating again, but later fail to reply to my texts?
How should I move forward?

She's playing games
She was just seeing how things feel
She's trying to get things back to how they were
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Girls, What does she want from me?
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