Girls, why do you allow yourselves to get picked up so easily by sleazy guys you claim to hate?

i would love to find a girl I can have a true, very long-lasting, loving relationship with, someone I can spend the rest of my life with and have kids with her. Girls tell me constantly they DON'T want just a quick fuck from some sleazy guy they'll never see or hear from again yet, THOSE are the guys they chase after!
I was in a band for 25 years. In those decades, we had at least 2 (that I know of) sleazy guys on guitar.
1. Frank Dearlove/Lovejoy: He looked and played like a blonde Eddie Van Halen. He was living with this nice (as far as I can tell) woman that he'd been with for at least 10 or 12 years. I know because they had at least 8 kids together!! They never got married. But, even though he's got this steady woman at home, the mother of his huge brood, he'd STILL get other girls and fuck them!! His motto; That's rock & roll!! Apparently, no girl was off limits to him! The night I got my very first girlfriend, I found him making moves on her about 5 hours after we started seeing each other!!
2. Jason Bakes: We got him 3 years after we fired Frank. He was only 18 years old and I wouldn't consider him at all good-looking, especially when he started doing strange shit to his hair and even shaving off his eyebrows! During his next 13 years with the band, he had at least 5 steady girlfriends, one of which he married for a short time, but, in each case, he STILL fucked loads of other girls behind their backs!! He fucked ANYTHING in a skirt that had a pulse and would stand still long enough!! Even when his steadys caught him, which was fairly frequent, they STILL hung onto him!! His motto was: Have dick: will travel!! The last steady he had was our bass player's girlfriend!! SHE, above ALL others, KNEW better than to get involved with him and was ALWAYS putting him down for his behavior!!
So, the question is: What makes you fall for these types of guys? Do you LIKE getting used?

Girls, why do you allow yourselves to get picked up so easily by sleazy guys you claim to hate?
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