How do I help my best friend with her love life?

I've known my best friend for over a year now. We met at work and at first I was a little scared of her because she is so loud and says it how it is but she was the first person to notice me and make a effort to be my friend.

I love her like a sister and think she's amazing. She's so funny, kind and will do anything to help others. She's not had the easiest life yet she gets up everyday and tries to be positive and better herself and that's why I love her so much.

One of the best friends I've ever had and I really want her to be happy she really deserves it.

She's 24 like me and I know she really wants a boyfriend. she's asked guys out but constantly gets rejected. She nearly got with one lad but turns out he only wanted her for sex.

If I'm totally honest as cruel as it sounds she has a massive four head and big teeth and she's aware of it and very self conscious of it but besides that she's a beautiful girl. She wears a cap or a beanie whenever we go out but she's also very self conscious of her body because she's very skinny and wears big hoodies.

She ends up pulling more women on nights out then men unfortunately because of the way she dresses. I want to offer her a makeover but I don't want to try and force her to change who she is and she might not take it as me trying to help.

I've also recommend to her getting a full fringe but the hours we work it be so much maintenance for her.

She also really only likes the pretty boys and fuck boy's too and I've told her this but I also don't think she should lower her standards because she is a great person why shouldn't she be with someone who is also a catch.

She dances, goes to the gym, plays musical instruments and works really hard so you can't say she doesn't work on herself.

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Its also the fact she's loud that puts a lot of guys off. They all say Hayley is a really great girl but it would take a special kind of guy to deal with her and that hurts me to hear that as I think she's wonderful and shouldn't change herself one bit her loud out going sense of humour is what makes people love her
How do I help my best friend with her love life?
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