Why is my friend so attached and possessive mostly towards me?


My friend is younger than me and we are both females. Last month, we both had an argument, until she said something hurtful towards me (saying no wonder I have no friends and other stuff but I do) so I ended the friendship. During the following days, she been trying to contact me but I declined and ignored them but she never gave up.

This month and last week, I gave up. I finally accepted her back and she exploded saying "I'm so happy!!! Aaaa" blah blah something like that. I didn't bother showing her my emotions so I replied back coldy to her.. until she said that she feels like I changed. She could be right because I did closed my heart because she left me heart broken. She said she feel connected to me more than anyone else (twin flame energy? I am starting to awaken after I researched about that. Ik some of you don't believe it)

If I never meant anything to her then why is she still attached and possessive to me? I don't understand her feelings towards me. She gets jealous whenever I talk to her about my new friends, I do this on purpose to show her that I made friends. But either way, she doesn't like seeing me with someone else.

Is this situation a toxic friendship or is there something more to this? It's driving me crazy!

If anyone believe in twin flames and want to know more, feel free to pm me or comment!

Why is my friend so attached and possessive mostly towards me?
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