Guys, I'm beginning to became a misogynist?

I'm a 26 YO white male, I'm very tall too and kind of introverted and antisocial though, not by choice.

I'm single, lonely and depressed that I don't have a girlfriend, and I constantly see couples in town during the day and nightlife, some of the men in these couples looked younger and were more better looking than me. I'm not introverted or antisocial by choice because I was neglected by my parents and older socials, my siblings are more socially successful than me, trey had friends and GFs while I had few friends and only 2 GFs.

None of them taught me how to be social or how to approach or talk to girls and a lot of girls these days are loud, rude, promiscuous, immature and entitled.

They don't want to settle down when they're young, they want to party, sleepy around and pursue an education and career.

Women avoid me, ignore, give me scared looks or dirty glares and only approach me when they want something like spare change of a lighter.

I feel an intense hopelessness and feel like no woman will ever love me and I'll die alone.

Guys, I'm beginning to became a misogynist?
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