Guys, Do women actually hate tall men?

I'm 6'6, OK looking, wear nice clothes and take care if my personal hygiene, but women have no interest in me, yet they have boyfriends who are shorter, wear crappy clothes and sometimes are little uglier than me.

I have a theory: despite saying otherwise, women are not really attracted to tall men.

Or at least, not anymore.

Women these days have been brainwashed from the cradle by they're mothers, schools, society and the media that men are bad, toxic and evil. Unfortunately, a lot of them are stupid enough to believe this, and they do. Women hate tall men because tall men are inherently strong, masculine and dominant, traits in men modern women have been taught to hate. Modern women want a weak, submissive man they could control, dominate and have power over, because feminists told them that women should be in-charge and should have power over men, but tall men cannot be controlled or dominated.

Guys, Do women actually hate tall men?
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