Is my female friend being possesive?

Me (37M) and Friend (33F), is she being possessive or socially engineering this situation?

So we have been friends for over 10 years but we both became single recently. Since then we have begun to spend a significant amount of time together. Sometimes in groups, sometimes alone.

I introduced another female friend that i had met recently to my regular group of friends, she's attractive etc.

In a group of 6 when we sat down for dinner my long time female friend said I should move to the side of the table next to her, placing herself between me and the new girl as opposed to being sat opposite her.

Dinner was well then we drove to a bar for a drink, in the car on the way she told the new girl 'XXXX is off women totally for a while after his last one'

After this we had a few more drinks then called it a night.

Turns out she got the new girls number and has now organised another group event in the next weekend.

Now my question is , is this her trying to control the situation because she is interested in me romantically and doesn't want the new girl edging in on me?

Is my female friend being possesive?
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