How do I know if she is interested in me?

So I would really appreciate some insight from the girls out there about whether or not this girl at work likes me. I certainly don't want to make it awkward between us. We pass each other at work and our conversations have always been light hearted and work related. I take the opportunity when I can to show my appreciation for the work that she does as she is in HR and that as we all know can be a really difficult job. Well after a big presentation she did i made the point of congratulating her on what an awesome job she did and she seemed appreciative. I asked her if she would love to get coffee the next time we are in the office together (which would be a week later) and she said "Wonderful! Yes I should be in". That day came and i felt nervous so i just left it and neither of us spoke about grabbing a coffee together. Well fast forward to last week - it was a rough week as there was a huge round of layoffs across the company and i am sure she was heavily involved in all of that and i can only imagine how awful it was for her and others in HR.

I let the dust settle and then reached out to her yesterday and said "Hi [insert her name here] - no idea what sort of week you had last week but my heart went out to you and others in HR. I hope you are okay." To which she responded a short time later to say "thank you [insert my name here]! I'm on vacation now recovering!" To which the conversation went thusly:

Me: "Good for you! Did you go anywhere warm and sunny for vacation?"

Her: "Opposite! I'm skiing in Japan!"

Me: "WOW!!! FUN!!! I'm jealous - I hope you have a truly awesome time!!!
I would love to catch up with you for lunch/dinner when you are back so I can hear all about your trip!"

Her: "Thank you! I appreciate you reaching out
Yes of course! Sounds like a plan"

So she is back from vacation next week and i am sat here wondering what to make of this.

Is she interested in me the way i am interested in her? Am I overthinking this? What should I do?
I think you have a chance
You are dreaming - leave her alone
Nothing to make of this, not enough intel
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How do I know if she is interested in me?
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