Mixed signals from a long-time friend?

24M brings a girl home (22F) who really just "gets" him and she spends a lot of time with his mom, culminating in her buying the mom a really snazzy Mother's Day gift... After the girl leaves the mom asks her son what's going on between him and the girl... but he insists they're just friends. The mom asks if the GIRL knows they're just friends... bc it seems like the girl really went out of her way with the gift... The son shrugs it off, though.

Where I come from, taking the time to get something that fancy (a designer serving platter) when the kid doesn't make a very decent salary shows that she's going out of her way to be kind to the guy's family... show respect to the people he values... and is trying to let them know she likes the guy.

What do you guys think?

25 d
Looks like she got sick of waiting for him. He just asked her to meet up and she blew him off. Too bad bc she was a real sweetie. 😔
Mixed signals from a long-time friend?
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