Libra men are indecisive and cheaters?

Calling all Libra men and all women who have dealt with Libra men..Please answer?

i have read a whole lot about how Libra men are indecisive and cheaters.And yes its true it is not all about the signs,but about the person.I do however have to say that a lot of the other things about them have been on point...So that's why I am asking...OK I have been dating this Libra man for a year and 3 months now.and I have met his friends,but he acts like he is hiding something and then turns it around on me when I ask.I totally respect him and his personal space and time .i don't ask many questions because of that ,but for example he has a female friend that I have met and been around.but whenever we are together he never answers her calls and I'm pretty sure its vice versa.though like I said she knows we are together,and seems cool.but it wasn't that long ago his ex girlfriend called and explained how he dated three women at the same time and that messed up my head though it was 15 years ago.for a while I battled the thought that he would do it again.he cries when I say we should break up though today he was very rude.its the first time he acted that way .i am trying to figure it all out.i adore this man but I have been through too much ..everyone always turns out to be someone else and I am sucker that rather be the one to be hurt then doing the hurt,because I don't know how to be untrue,lie or hurtful ,i am not going to change who I am ,my conscience needs to be clean but I don't want to hurt if someone can relate or in some way give their thoughts I would really appreciate it.thank you
Libra men are indecisive and cheaters?
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