I love my boyfriend but feel attracted to another guy?

I may get hate for this. But please, if you want to, don't. I need helpful advice and not people telling me I'm a bitch and such.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months now. I like him a lot, of course. We had liked each other for a couple of years on and off and finally dating was like a dream come true! But first question; is it normal to some days not be physically attracted to your boyfriend? Because some days I feel like that spark isn't there. There are days where I am but sometimes just feel "meh." Although, the last thing I would ever want to do is break up with him! We have a really good relationship. He treats me like a princess and likes me so much, his parents love me, my parents love him and we have a lot of fun. I feel so extremely bad that I have days where I feel uncertain.

Secondly, my confusion is even more.. Confusing because a guy I had a fling with last year has been showing interest in me again. Our fling never really ended for a bad reason, we just kind of stopped talking.. I haven't really thought about him since then until now. But anyway, I feel intrigued and attracted but I feel terrible because I like my boyfriend a lot. Some days I want to run into this guy at school, I want to mingle with him or a have a few seconds of eye contact, you know? I have a "crush" on him maybe.. I DON;T KNOW

I would NEVER in a million years cheat on my boyfriend, though, that's not even in the question. Maybe I just need a few days or a week to figure out my thoughts.. I have no idea. I love my boyfriend a lot but can't help but feel this curiosity. I feel disgusted with myself to even have these worries.

But please, give me some advice if you have any. And I don't mean calling me a bitch or a slut, etc.. Help me out, please!

I love my boyfriend but feel attracted to another guy?
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