Confident guy becomes shy? (pls answer me!)

There is this guy in my school. He is very outgoing, funny and confident. Everyone likes him and he knows it. A lot of girls have a crush on him ... I’m a new student at this school. And when I saw him for the first time, I couldn’t help myself and smiled. He was so surprised and we looked at each other for a long time. Since then he tried to treat me like the other girls in school. But I didn't accept it. When you see me and don’t talk to me, you could think I’m a cocky diva … I’m considered to be very beautiful (beautiful body and beautiful face) and … yea I have a snooty look (but I do not mean it like that) … But I’m a very smart student, funny and nice to everybody (I just don’t want to talk to some fake persons …) I think he thought first, he could play with me like with the other girls. He wanted to test me … wanted to see if I’m a ‘bitch’, too. Almost all the girls here behave very obsequious towards him because they think, he is really attractive (talk dirty to him, sit on his lap, let him grope their breasts etc.) And they all party a lot, smoke and have a lot of contacts to guys … but not me.

And now he starts to behave different towards me. He is really shy. After eight months he changed almost completely … He doesn’t chill with those girls anymore. Starts to pursue me … stalks me (we looked at each other for over 5 seconds one day), smiles at me, is close to me, tries to make me laugh, his guy friends treat me very respectful … (he does so much I won’t register it all …)

My first question: Why he does not talk to me? I thought he is confident?

My second question: Why doesn’t he write me on Facebook?

My third question: Does he really like me?

PS: Actually I don’t speak English but German. So excuse me for the bad language!

Confident guy becomes shy? (pls answer me!)
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