Why do some girls say that the friend zone isn't bad, and that guys who pretend it exists are misogynists?

I'll tell you my story.

So everything began a year ago. We met a few months before summer through a friend, she was chasing me but at that time I wasn't interested and she didn't really attract boys in high school. She only had geek male friends who were a bit lonely. When we were done with our exams and right before I left for summer I decided to hang out with her. We went out several times and the day I was about to leave, she kissed me and said she would go out with me when I come back. I was really happy cause that's when I started being interested to her and I knew I was in love with her. However, that night she changed her mind. ( I texted her before boarding).

During the summer she said that it would be better to remain friends.

I told her that it was hard, and that I would like to see if I was able to remain friends with her. She got mad and said that she didn't want to be seen as an experience, which wasn't my intention. So I answered that I didn't like being talked about as a merchandise. Oh yes, 3 days after she kissed me she said in front of her friends and my best friend, that at the beginning she was 10% interested in me and she didn't know why she kissed me.

Everything went back to normal.When I came back and right before we started university we were hanging out. The she had her frosh (which is more of an humiliation in the country where I live) she was drunk, thrown in the mud etc. (We were not in the same school so I didn't do this). Despite this thing, I still loved her. She started being more distant as she was seeing other people (and guys). When I would ask her to go out, she would say yes and then she would cancel it. She did it 3 or 4 times but the last time I got mad and told her how I felt humiliated (cause she used me when she was bored) and how of bad person she was for making believe things and playing games and I just wanted to know how far she would go in her game. She thought I wanted to know how far she would go in a sexual sense.Also, I had family problems at this time and it's a reason why I couldn't handle it. So we stopped talking for a month. Then we started talking again. Everything was I OK and I really felt she was getting interested in me so I continued to believe. Then she had to quit university for the fall term. That's when she was really really close to me. I guess she wasn't seeing any other guy. So I paid when we went out (not all the time), I offered her gifts sometimes expensive ones.As soon as she went back to university she started being more distant. One day she told me that one of her dream was to have a ukulele, so I bought her one cause I knew she would be very happy. All I wanted was to make her happy. On her birthday, I invited her for lunch and when I was paying, she went outside and she was talking on the phone with another guy, and it seemed like she liked him. As soon as I started ignoring her she started talking to me. Not so long ago I admitted to her that I loved her even after a yea
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She didn't like me this way so I stopped talking to her cause I didn't want to get hurt another year and wanted to move on. After a month she talked to me so I started talking back to her and now she's ignoring me.

What I wanted to say is that friend zone and friendship are two different things. Friendzone is another word for garbage where she/he throws all the people from the opposite gender when there are absolutely no feelings.
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Friendship is genuine, in friendship you consider the other person as a human being with feelings who can be happy or hurt and not as a simple ego boost or puppet that you play with when you're bored.

I remember seeing her smiling with her friends when she saw me. I think she was just laughing at me.
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Anyway, I decided to take this as a lesson and I am not among those who will voluntarily start acting like jerks cause they were hurt. I want to stay the way I am even if that means no girl will be attracted to me or that I'll be hurt again. I really don't care meeting some bad persons in my life cause they're part of this world anyway. Friendzone is not something good whether it is for a guy or a girl. What do you think ?
Why do some girls say that the friend zone isn't bad, and that guys who pretend it exists are misogynists?
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