I'm 31, and have NEVER had a girlfriend. What are your thoughts?

I'm 31, and have NEVER had a girlfriend. I have a ripped body. I assume my face is my biggest downfall. I don't see myself as unattractive or ugly, but I believe I know what my flaws are. I've been told by women that I have a great smile, and very nice brown eyes.

I've heard most people see themselves 5% more attractive than they really are. I don't know what to, or how to think anymore. I have a lot going for me. On paper, I'm "that guy" all the women talk about wanting. I've went on dates, with a few attractive women here or there which made me believe that maybe I don't look as bad as I think. I do not have any friends my age who are girls...so I can't get their input

. I keep thinking that most girls have never gotten to know the real me. Which could be a good or bad thing I guess. In your experience with people you've known who unwillingly stay single...was it mostly due to their personality, looks, or behavior?

It doesn't make me feel good to see those dating shows where the guys are way better looking than me, and they can't find a woman for a long term relationship. Makes me think.."I'm screwed!"

Even though I'm anonymous, its embarrassing to talk about being so freaking insecure. I know doing so gets me nowhere. Guys aren't suppose to think about this stuff...much less talk about it. All I can tell you is...I can't help it. I've fought myself for many years...telling myself I look good...I have great qualities, and to be confident. But, after this much time passes without a gf...you pretty much lose hope that you'll find anyone where you both find each other attractive.

Right now..its the hell with long term relationship...I can't seem to get any ANY type of relationship where a prospect gives me enough time to get to know me! In my mind...the opposite sex has told me through ignoring, that they can find someone physically better than me. Yet, I see women marry guys all the time that look worse than me! Don't even get me started on the 40-60 year old women who ask me why I'm not married, and say how cute I am. I think they're filling me full of BS. What say you?
I'm 31, and have NEVER had a girlfriend. What are your thoughts?
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