The #Spam Tag Idea


I had a revelation come to me in the shower (I swear, I don't think about GAG all the time) and wanted to share my idea and hopefully implement it. ☺

I'm sure you GAGers come across spam here and I like to think you all report any spam you see, which is good because it'll eventually be removed. However, if you report the post, then leave a comment with the tag #Spam, a moderator can look up the hashtag and immediately hide the post. If Ubermods come across it, they can also freeze the spamming account, stopping them in their tracks. It would be a quicker, more efficient way of removing spam here.

This idea could also be used for posts which are breaking the other GAG rules. For those, maybe the hashtag #ModPlease could be used? I know some of you feel like the mods don't remove enough bad posts, but that's usually because we've not come across it. GAG is a huge website filled with millions of posts, so we could improve with your help!

It's difficult for us mods to find all posts which break the rules here, so if you guys lead us to the offending posts, it can be dealt with sooner. You'll technically be like mini-moderators (not a real term but we'll roll with it) who'll help the moderators improve the site here for the community you enjoy being a part of!

What are your thoughts?

The #Spam Tag Idea

The #Spam Tag Idea
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