Welcome to GAG: A newcomers guide part 2. 3 more tips for the perfect GAG Experience.

Welcome to GAG: A newcomers guide part 2. 3 more tips for the perfect GAG Experience.

Last time in Welcome to GAG: A newcomers guide we discussed why you should not generalize people on this website. We also discussed using the Anonymous feature sparingly. Checking FAQ's if you have any questions was also discussed. And, we also stated not to copy other GAGer's questions. Today I have three more tips for you about becoming A newbie to the GAG community.

  1. Be prepared to take a lot of heat no matter your stance. Gag is realitvely a very friendly communtity filled with great people. But, sometimes people can be a little mean and criticize you no matter where you stand on certian issues. It doesn't matter if the issue is on: Homosexuality, virginity, religion,politics, sexual matters, abortion, even ice cream flavors, anything can and possibly will turn into a argument. GAG is a place to have fun and get helpful answers, but you also have to have thick skin to be able to pass off others comments.
  2. Always Select a Most Helpful Opinion/Most Helpful Gender. You get two xper points for just selecting MHO/MHG. If your opinion however is selected as MHO/MHG you get 7 xper points! If you remain active and give great answers, you can get many MHO's/MHG's. And overtime you can quickly rise in the ranks here on GAG.
  3. When mentioning someone in a comment, opinion or question always use the @ symbol. This way the asker or opinion owner will be able to see your comment or additional question, and they can answer back promptly. To do this you use the at symbol or @. Then after the symbol you do not space it, instead you post the GAGers screen name.For example: to respond to me you would use @smahala1991. Doing that ensures the opinion owner, asker, or commenter will be able to see your cooment or question for them and be able to answer properly. When they reply more than likely they will also use the @Username as well.

There you have it GAGers! 3 more tips to make your GAG experience easier so you can rise in the ranks and be more helpful to the GAG community.

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