G@G Tip: Get More Opinions on Your Questions!

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Hey GAGers!

A lot of you have expressed interest in how to get more opinions on your questions so we're here to share a few tips that might help!

G@G Tip: Get More Opinions on Your Questions!

Asking "Great" Questions

  • Some of you may already be aware of this but for those who aren't, "great" questions are selected by our admin content curation team.

  • These are questions that are original, have an interesting, creative title and good quality details.

  • Forming your question from a gender communication perspective is much more likely to get it selected as "great." Gender communication does not only mean relationship and dating questions, it can be in any topic! Any topic from a girls and guys perspective is good content that we want to select as "great." This is also true for myTakes that our admin Editors choose to promote!

  • These questions that our admin content teams selects as "great" go into a queue to be featured on the home page as well as the live feed!

  • You can request to have your question featured but having your question selected as "great" by our admin team is an easy way of getting more views and opinions on your questions. You also don't have to spend Xper points for this!

Requesting to feature your question is 750 Xper points, asking a great question is priceless.

G@G Tip: Get More Opinions on Your Questions!

Moderators help curate content: "ModSelection"

  • Many of you may not be aware of this but our moderators also have the power to help us curate which questions become "popular" on the site!

  • This is done when they select a Question as "ModSelection".

  • This helps boost a question to be seen more on the site and increase the chances of it getting more opinions!

Social Media

  • Our admin staff also pushes certain "great" posts to social media in an effort to bring that post even more attention!

  • Like and follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to see what content we promote through social media.

  • Questions that are shared on social media more than 10 times will give the QA +10 Xper points as well!

Some Other Things to Note

  • Earning +1 Xper point for being the first user of your gender to answer a question is back!

  • We have a few new features coming soon! The long-awaited ability to follow questions and myTakes will be returning in the near future, with a somewhat different spin.

  • We will be revamping the voting system which will also help us identify good quality content to promote and/or feature!

All of these criteria listed here will increase your chances of getting more views and opinions on your questions! We hope this has been helpful and maybe explained some things a few of you have been wondering. Stay tuned for more tips from GirlsAskGuys! :)

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G@G Tip: Get More Opinions on Your Questions!
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